The easiest way of promotion to get the word out about the newly created group of your friends. For that, check in your group that will help promptly inform all who are added in your friends of its existence.
Ask your friends to join the group, invite on. What good is this method? The fact that each of your friends have friends, and those your etc. Method is "word of mouth" here might work as well as possible, at the same time, it is the most efficient among all possible methods of free promotion of any group VKontakte. After all, the invitation sent from friends, will be perceived by people is much easier than if the invitation was sent to some stranger.
You can every day to send out invitations to join the group of those people who currently are online. First, people will see your invitation. Second, if there is any questions in the group, he will be able to write you a message and get the answer to your question. However, remember, you can send out 40 invitations to the group per day.
Hire freelancers who will do all the work for you. To find such people, you can any exchange of freelancing. Create a job, which clearly list the instructions and wait for bids. The average price for such work varies between 10 cents. Accordingly, at the invitation of 400-500 people you can pay just one dollar. An example of such a job might look like this:

"You need to join this Facebook group and send invites to your friends. In a detailed report put a list of people you invited."
The easiest and least labor-intensive method is to purchase a pay program for promotion of groups.

Install the program and check its functionality. Verify the health of the useful add-ons and start to test them in their groups.
Similar software for invitations, unique that pretty much allows you to invite not only in VKontakte group, but in other it services – applications, meetings, etc.

In addition, specialized software will help you to find a target audience for the group – use the search parameters, professions, age, place of residence and Hobbies.
Given the fact that today invitations VKontakte are limited only by your own list of friends, such a program bypassing the restrictions can be a real solution for the owners of the groups. In addition, you can invite people in their friends list and then after authorization of the request, to invite them to the group.