How to recover a password in the "Classmates" in the room

To get to your page and change the password, which departed from memory, you need to go to the main page of the site "Classmates". About a form to enter login and password, click on the 'forgot username or password".

In the on-screen form you must enter is tied to the account phone number and the captcha (the letters and numbers from the picture).

If you are tied to your account number, enter it is optional.

Once the form is completely filled out, click on the "Continue"button.

On mobile will come SMS message with confirmation of the password change, then you will be able to go to its page in "Schoolmates".

How to recover password in Facebook without a phone number

If you do not tie the mobile number to his page in the social network, then to restore access in the form of changing a forgotten password to enter is not necessary. Instead, you should specify the email address, enter the security code from the image and confirm the operation by clicking "Continue".

Your Inbox will receive an email with a link and code to reset your password.

Some users complain that the emails in Inbox are not coming. In this case, you need to check the spelling of the email address, and go to the folder "Spam" on your email.

If the page was tied to a phone number but you don't have access to it or you can't log in your email to recover your password in the "Classmates" will be more difficult.

To go to my profile, you should scroll down the page and find in the far right column, paragraph "Regulations", select "Contact support". In the opened form fill in your details and describe the problem. Likely that administrators of the social network "Odnoklassniki" will ask you to confirm your identity. Quite enough to scan the first page of the passport series and number, which can, if necessary, to cover.

The response usually comes within 48 hours, so you should consider that to recover the password in Facebook without a phone number unobtainable.

It should be particularly noted that if someone offers you to recover a forgotten username or password for the money, it is likely you want to cheat, as this service on the social networking site is free.