Prepare a paper, pencil, eraser and colored markers if necessary. Sit back, put in front of him pictures, which gradually describes how to draw an anime girl. Start by marking sheet. In the center, draw a large circle, spearheaded the bottom (there will be a chin) and making a smooth curve from the top. Slightly concave the bottom line, swipe horizontally. Convex to the left strip and draw vertically. Both are to begin and end where the straight lines visually divide her face in half.
Highlight the cheek and sharpen the chin, holding the line on the left and bottom of the marking range. Forehead anime girl draw a thick ragged bangs. She looked more alive, triangle hair should be slightly bend and look in different directions.
Add the girl's lush hair. Curls long hair slide down to the edge of the sheet, don't forget that the hair may not go perfectly smoothly, so the line must bear the strokes as it is shown in the picture for step by step instructions. So you were able to draw the contours of the face anime girl.
Exactly on the horizontal line in the middle of its right side, draw large circle eyes. The second eye should be oval and touch the vertical line. Add curved dash upper and lower eyelids and eyebrows. In the middle of the lower part of the vertical line draw a little hook nose, and underneath the rim of the mouth and chin.
Add details to the hairstyle, giving additional dashed lines volume. Draw between curved arm curls.
Do too most with the left side of the drawing anime, don't forget that we'll see more and neck. The neck line should hold, stepping back a little to the right of the chin.
So you've learned how to draw anime girl step by step. It was easy enough. Outline your drawing with black marker and paint it to your liking.