The easiest way is the portrait of a girl with photos. So you can put your favorite photo on the window glass, and the top put it on a translucent sheet, which can be transferred main features.
To draw a girl you can with nature. Here it is necessary to adapt to nature, the manners of a model to capture its mood and pass it in the figure. You should also be aware that usually the girl for a long time posing for the artist, so he had to completely finish their work. So don't forget to give it time to rest for an hour making three or four a short pause.
Sit at the Desk, put everything, make it so that nothing could distract. If you are in a noisy environment, wear headphones with pleasant music and relax. Mentally imagine the image of a girl that is your standard of beauty. Pay attention to her facial features, shape features, the color of the dress. Look into her eyes, touch her hair. And, not stopping to dream, begin to transfer their feelings on paper. Paint the girl as the dictates of your imagination. Let it not remain true to the proportions, but your drawing sure will give inspiration to the author of this work.
There is still a very original way to draw beautiful girl. Indeed, the very notion of "beauty" for each person, so let your friends are together with you the group will make the figure of a beautiful girl. For example, one person draws her eyes, another draws the hands of what he considers to be exemplary, and the third comes up with hair etc. Such a collective image of beauty will lead people to admire created a portrait and think about their concepts of beauty and perfection.