The secret of a cartoon character – the proportions, they look more vivid, focusing on the parts needed, such as overly large eyes or mouth, the nose can be the smallest, but without expressive eyebrows can not do.
The main advantage of cartoons is that you can create any character, is to move away from stereotypes and to dream. The head does not necessarily have to be round or oval, because a lot of other interesting figures: triangle, square, or rhombus. Main thing is to follow the style and balance, skillfully combining hair, facial features and clothes of the hero.
You can experiment and change the facial features in the process, you'll find the most matching combinations. Hair it is better to draw a schematic, just simple lines, if you see something, try to draw a different nose – it can change the character beyond recognition.
Drawing a cartoon girl, you need to remember softness, all sharp coal to fillet, to add expressive eyes with long eyelashes and a pretty mouth. Choosing hairstyle, do not skimp on the accessories, they will add to the charm of the heroine. The same goes for male characters, beards, mustaches or eyeglasses will harmoniously finish the image and give the hero of the story.
You can work out and draw your hero in the dynamics, changing the expression of the face characteristic position of the basic features. It can be house edge, surprised raised eyebrow or twisted smile, important to give the image an emotional coloration. In what will be wearing the hero is not so important, because the main means of expression of feelings in a cartoon character is a person.