Before you paint the figure of a girl in full growth, will learn to draw correctly the individual parts of her body. Start with the formation of the main elevation of the torso – with drawing out the breast volume, which should look like the picture naturally, and must be clearly marked.
Guide center axis line along the body and mark the points where you will be breast – right to position them under an angle of 45 degrees from the centerline. Ensure that chest? not located too high or too low. Portray the breast in the form of a hemisphere, and always follow the rule of angle of 45 degrees relative to the Central axis.
Shoulders draw smooth curving lines – they should gradually descend down, and should not introduce a hard straight line. Drawing the shoulders depends on the pose of the girl in different poses their situation and relief of the muscles change.
Also depending on the posture of how you will draw the body of the body – for example, if the hand of the girl in the picture is raised, you will need to specify more clearly the lateral muscles. The outer line of the female breast also passes smoothly to the shoulder muscles.
Special attention is paid to drawing hands and feet girls. Hands present in the form of three different parts – hands, radius and ulna. Draw three of the hands in the form of narrow ovals that you subsequently connect in the areas of articular joints, achieving natural muscle relief body.
The length of the hands must achieve lowered as mid-thigh, elbows waist level. Draw a natural connection of the arm and shoulder, and then practice to draw hands in different positions: lowered, raised or bent at the elbow.
Drawing feet, as well as drawing hands, avoid flat shapes and straight lines. Draw the girl's feet in the form of ovals, which are then connected by smooth lines. Starting from the top of the thigh, leg tapers anatomically to the knee and lower leg tapers from the center to the ankle. Don't forget to indicate the knees of the girl figure and also feet.
After the separate body parts are worked out, move on to a drawing of the finished shape – ensure that all the proportions were met, and to the Central axis of the figure coinciding with the line of the spine. The outlines of the female figure resemble an hourglass, remember this, painting the silhouette of a girl.