You will need
  • A sheet of paper, ink, paint, colored pencils, eraser, pencil.
Draw a figure of a woman in a kimono. Kimono is a Japanese traditional women's garment looks like a dress robe, with wide and long sleeves.
Paint kimono in the traditional Japanese style, using multiple colors and shading items of clothing to their mix.
Kimono should be written in such a way that the woman in it looked like an exotic flower, almost ethereal, graceful and refined. Therefore, make traditional clothing for special emphasis.
Draw a female head on a thin, fragile neck, topped with luxurious black hair, gathered in a traditional Japanese bun. Hair must be stuck at least by traditional Japanese hairpins-hairpins.
Draw Japanese eyes, similar in shape to a small dark fish, mouth in the shape of a petal and raised her eyebrows.