Advice 1: How to excite the generator

A car without recharging can last on battery power while driving not more than two hours. Then he'll stand completely and no light alarm following a deep discharge of the battery is no longer working, which will significantly exacerbate the already sad situation.
How to excite the generator
You will need
  • - screwdriver,
  • - wrenches 10, 13 and 17 mm.
As an introduction a small educational program on automotive generators. The voltage of the electricity generated by the specified device at different speeds, is regulated through the excitation winding and is maintained constantly in the range of 13.8 to 14.2 volts.
The task of providing consumers with the vehicle's current specified nominal value is assigned to the voltage regulator (PH). The connection of the generators is done according to different schemes, depending on the brand and model, technical vehicle. So the model number VAZ, AZLK-2141 and "Tavria" are equipped with devices Г222 or 37.3701, "the tenth family" Volga car is equipped with generatorsand 94.701 or AAK-5102, all of them have a built-in voltage regulator (commonly called "chocolate" or "tablet").
Removing the voltage from the generators is carried out with the large terminal, which is connected to the positive battery terminal and marked as: "30", "+", "In", "I+" or "BAT". The negative terminal of the windings and a diode bridge are designated: "31", "–", "D", "DF", "B", "M", "E" or "GRD". Terminal voltage regulator for supplying power thereto from the vehicle when the ignition switch marked: "15", "B" or "S". And the connector: "61", "D", "D+", "L", "WL" or "IND" is designed to supply power to the control charge lamp.
When to stop charging the battery, as a rule, is evidence of the failure of the voltage regulator, despair in this case should not be. Just apply current to the excitation winding and drive to the auto shop or service station without the battery deep discharge.
Will cover this question in more detail. So, if an error occurs in the PH, it is dismantled, and to excite the generator Г222 and force him to continue working, connecting insights "In" both devices, and "W" (voltage regulator) – it is necessary to cut.
Then during Assembly the withdrawal "W" connects cut any wire to ground of brushes. From terminal "30" of the generator is disconnected and insulated wire, and a chain output "15" sequentially the light, of a power not exceeding 15 watts.
For excitation of alternators 94.3701 37.3701, and after disconnecting the PH of the same light bulb is connected to the output.

Advice 2: Why doesn't the generator

Generator is a basic device, without which the car will not go far. Its performance is affected by a number of factors. If the generator stopped working, find out the reasons of failure and try to fix it on their own.
Why doesn't the generator
The most common cause of generator failure is the lack of excitement. To test the generator, you need to make it to the positive terminal of the battery at 1000 rpm of the engine. Before it is necessary to give the load (turn on lights), otherwise failure may leave the switch and other electronics. If the engine stalls the alternator is not working. The first thing to check was broken if the alternator belt. If the belt is intact, it is likely that he was weaker. Check the belt tension: deflection under force of 10 kgf should be not more than 1 cm belt, may be splattered with oil and slip. In this situation, it needs to be replaced, or at least to wipe with gasoline.If the seat belt is tight, clean and not torn, then check the fuses of the field winding. It is usually sufficient simply to move, and then it will work. This is especially true of domestic classics (VAZ-2105, 2106, 2107), which is mounted fuse is weak. If after the performed operation the generator still does not work, then remove the generator. First, inspect brushes for wear – perhaps they need to be replaced. You should also pay attention to the slip rings. If they are dirty, clean them. Now re-check the generator for proper operation. If he does not submit signs of life, arm yourself with tester and check the chain.After all done operations be only two reasons. Either a faulty voltage regulator or the generator. The generator often burn up the rectifier diodes. Each diode should "ping" tester, and if it turns out to be faulty, replace. If all diodes are intact, check the stator winding. This is done with a simple tester, closing them both ends of the winding. If the stator windings are faulty, it can be replaced. However, the stores can get damaged stators, as they are checked in the same way.
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