Remember the good old love correspondence. Buy packing envelopes and send to his girlfriend every day one message. This is not necessarily to the letter contained only the hottest of the outpouring of feelings for her. It will be enough if you will share the letter with all the joys and difficulties of your life. Describing happy events, lament the fact that at the time wasn't there, the problems do not complain, but just stating the fact of their existence. If you're sincere enough in his Epistles, the girl you will definitely be interested and will reciprocate. In any case, even if your relationship and will go no further correspondence, it will be a wonderful memory for both of you.
Do not try to "buy" her favor with expensive, tasteless or obscene gifts (sometimes the same). Here are just a few examples of such offerings: the Golden rose in box made of alligator, the Chinese vase on half a flat engraved "I love you" in a circle, the car is pink (and any other) color, linen of any value and style.
If you invited a girl to a restaurant, you agree in advance with the staff or administration to from time to time they included her favourite music. If you decide to invite her to the cinema, theatre or concert, always refer to her taste in the choice of the program of the evening.
Give your girlfriend is that she is really interested in. Of course, we should not ignore the traditional candy and flowers, but if, for example, your girl loves animals, sometimes instead of roses you can give her some accessories with their image or items of clothing for her Pets. So the girl will realize that you pay close attention not only to her, but to those whom she gives her care and share her Hobbies. Similarly, you can give her a CD of your favorite band or a book she has been looking for.
Don't try all the time to play the "good guy" or conversely, "crazy wingman". "Nice guy" can, at best, quickly become bored girl at worst give her a lot of complexes about her fit your ideal image. Arrogance, assertiveness and unpredictability can and does push her away at a safe distance from you. Despite the fact that almost all the girls like when for them or in their eyes, the young man makes some unexpected, to use when the charge should be very rare and according to the situation.