How to seduce a roommate who is younger than you

If a girl that you like, a few years younger than you, try often to catch up with her at the entrance or near the house, drop to her side long glances, which she could read desire and interest. The next step should be your acquaintance. Say Hello to a member of the opposite sex and smile to her. She needs to answer you. Next, try to tie some casual dialogue during which you can ask about the Hobbies of your companion. The best topic of conversation - films. You will have a great opportunity to invite a neighbor to view new romantic Comedy and a Cup of hot coffee. In addition, very often girls ask the guys of neighbors to visit to provide computer assistance, e.g., in re software. If you have a situation to rescue his new friend. Just do not immediately finish the job, leave some part of it for the next time you have a reason to go back to her apartment. No need to openly hint the girl close, better wait until she takes the first step towards you.

When your communication will go to the next stage, you can organize a joint vacation in locations where were drinking strong drinks. After a fun evening it will be much easier to seduce the fairer sex. Go home, be alone and just kiss lady. If it's to you liking, most likely, she will melt.

How to seduce a neighbor who is older than you

If the girl that you like, a little older than you in the beginning of the relationship you must act exactly the same as in the previous case. However with a grown-up kind of thing is unlikely to work. Try to show your neighbor what a kind and serious man. She needs to see you not only as a potential lover but also a reliable shoulder. Help her with the housework, ocypete compliments. Do not stop to admire her ability to create a cosiness in the house and cooking skills. Will you ask the lady to arrange a joint dinner, citing the fact that you - a man no longer had to eat healthy homemade food. Go to the store together to buy food and try to cook dinner together. In a relaxed home environment, after a couple of glasses of wine, most likely, you will be able to seduce their adorable roommate.