Advice 1: How to seduce neighbor

Sometimes guys have a passion for girls who live next door to them. In such a situation, psychologists advise to use some seduction skills to achieve the desired result.
How to seduce neighbor

How to seduce a roommate who is younger than you

If a girl that you like, a few years younger than you, try often to catch up with her at the entrance or near the house, drop to her side long glances, which she could read desire and interest. The next step should be your acquaintance. Say Hello to a member of the opposite sex and smile to her. She needs to answer you. Next, try to tie some casual dialogue during which you can ask about the Hobbies of your companion. The best topic of conversation - films. You will have a great opportunity to invite a neighbor to view new romantic Comedy and a Cup of hot coffee. In addition, very often girls ask the guys of neighbors to visit to provide computer assistance, e.g., in re software. If you have a situation to rescue his new friend. Just do not immediately finish the job, leave some part of it for the next time you have a reason to go back to her apartment. No need to openly hint the girl close, better wait until she takes the first step towards you.

When your communication will go to the next stage, you can organize a joint vacation in locations where were drinking strong drinks. After a fun evening it will be much easier to seduce the fairer sex. Go home, be alone and just kiss lady. If it's to you liking, most likely, she will melt.

How to seduce a neighbor who is older than you

If the girl that you like, a little older than you in the beginning of the relationship you must act exactly the same as in the previous case. However with a grown-up kind of thing is unlikely to work. Try to show your neighbor what a kind and serious man. She needs to see you not only as a potential lover but also a reliable shoulder. Help her with the housework, ocypete compliments. Do not stop to admire her ability to create a cosiness in the house and cooking skills. Will you ask the lady to arrange a joint dinner, citing the fact that you - a man no longer had to eat healthy homemade food. Go to the store together to buy food and try to cook dinner together. In a relaxed home environment, after a couple of glasses of wine, most likely, you will be able to seduce their adorable roommate.

Advice 2: How to seduce a man

The ability to seduce men is not available to every woman. Only refined, sensitive nature is able to feel the delicate line between vulgarity and emancipation, sexuality and vulgarity. But nonetheless, every woman should try their hand at the art of seduction of a strong half of mankind.
In the hands of skilled women seduction are capable of provoking the appearance of the first crush. There are some basic rules of women's behaviour, which mastered to seduce a man is not difficult.

Sexuality and femininity in the art of seduction

Men love with their eyes, so don't be shy to show the advantages of their figures. However it must be done very carefully, so as not to seem available. So, instead of the mini skirt is better to prefer a pencil skirt with a high neckline. And from the deep neckline is altogether, replacing it with a fitted sweater with open shoulders.

No matter how brutal, was not a man, it is the femininity that he will appreciate in the opposite sex. To highlight its soft nature and seem more fragile and delicate, it is desirable to at least temporarily forget about the pants and jeans. While the process of seduction is in full swing, the closet should consist entirely of skirts, dresses and fishnet stockings.

Catching his glance men, is to make an emphasis on any sexual parts of your wardrobe. And relaxed gesture will be very useful, for example, you can touch the finger of his bare shoulder or put his foot on the leg.

Sexuality must also be manifested in behavior. You should practice and develop a gentle, seductive tone of voice, and the softness and grace of movements. Tonic notes of sexuality needs to slip even into a smile.

Confident woman

Should a woman remain sexy not only for a specific object of seduction. She needs to live it, presenting yourself to others with dignity and respect. But we should not overreact, because it is very easy to be cynical kind that put themselves above other people.

Men love confident women, but I do not like arrogant persons.

The ability to carry on a conversation with a man

Communication is an important part of seduction. To interest a man must be able to carry on a conversation, unobtrusive, complimenting his companion. In addition, men appreciate in a woman such as the ability to listen. Therefore, be sure to show the object of seduction that you are the perfect listener, which is interesting for all his stories. However, one should not forget about the inner self. Periodically, you need to make your vision on the subject, but this should be done in a gentle manner.

At first, the communication should be friendly in nature. It is impossible to show the man his interest in it.

A woman can take the initiative and invite the object of seduction for coffee or to call him for some advice. But a man in any case should not guess about liking to him, otherwise the interest in the seductress may not occur.

Advice 3: How to seduce a woman

An adult female was seen in the life of different men. She knows many of the standard ways of seduction, not prone to confusion, its harder to be interested. It is especially difficult to seduce an adult woman who enjoys men popular.
How to seduce a woman
Be confident and persistent. Sometimes there are ladies who are looking for timid boys, to manage and to learn for themselves. But mostly women don't want to see the boy, they want a man. One that knows what she wants and is not afraid to take it.
Engage her. Your attractiveness of youth and vitality. Use it but do not show too openly your young age. Can boast of its achievements in sports, music or painting. But do not mention academic success. If you have nothing to brag about, tell me about his ambitious plans and be interested in life ladies.
Don't start talking about age first. If she asks your assumptions about her age, call it a figure a bit below her actual age. If the lady is clearly more than 30 years, and you say "23" - it can create an uncomfortable situation. Therefore it is better to call the age of about 27-29 years old. And when she called the real figure, in astonishment say: "I wouldn't have guessed".
While Dating you should carefully consider a plan of action. Long walks around town or night out on the roof will not work. It is appropriate to take a lady on the car at least taxi to take to a nice restaurant. And after that, depending on her preference – a theatre, gallery, Opera or other entertainment events.
Do not forget about etiquette. Hold the door, offer your coat, pull up a chair and open the car door. Make her compliments, but not too often - that does not look faked.
When the date will come to an end, begin to set it up at night. Hug, try to be closer, look into your eyes and kiss. Do compliments her sexuality, inform that want it. Usually adult women don't waste their time and agree. But don't forget about confidence – you don't ask and offer.
Before intimacy do not lose your confidence and masculinity. Keep the situation under control and be the leading. Women age want a man knew how to do it all yourself and not waiting for tips. Better take a chance and act at random, than to overwhelm her with questions and clarifications.
The main thing - not to mention not to touch in the communication age ladies. About her age, too, should not be distributed so as not to create a chasm between you. If to be confident and courteous, you will be able to seduce a woman.
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