You will need
  • A standard set of products for your cake, cocoa, nuts, prunes
Birthday better baking the cake, which you're good at. Surprise the birthday child with something new and unusual, of course, possible, but if the recipe never you not tried, you should be careful. Best take your classic cake recipe and give it a little upgrade to make even tastier and more beautiful. If you bake pound cake batter can be divided into two equal parts and one add cocoa. Half of the cakes will brown on the other – white. If before your classic cake was plain, now I can present on court of brand new birthday cake charm "striped Zebra or "Madagascan tiger .
Experiment with layers between the cakes, adding something new. Very unusual and original result is a cake with different inclusions between the layers. You can put there not only sweet cream and roasted nuts, raisins, prunes and even chocolate drops! Of course, it is important to know the measure and not turn your cake into a basket of different candies and treats. But a small number of delicious slices that the cake had never been, can change the taste of your cake in the best way and to entertain guests.
Decorate your festive miracle! The most interesting – decoration. The simple inscription "happy birthday! the upper crust is no surprise. But if you make your cake in the form of a book, car or some other figure – it will certainly make a lasting impression on the guests and the birthday boy. What does your hero of the occasion? The doctor will like the cake in the form of first-aid kit with a cross, the driver of the car or the steering wheel, and a Director of the company or simple Manager will appreciate a birthday cake in the form of a new model of phone or laptop. For a child can make a cake in the shape of a flower, coloring each petal vivid color, and my grandfather was a photographer are sure to be delighted figure "Zenith .