Advice 1: How to decorate a cake with fruit

In order that the baked cake was a masterpiece, not only need to choose the right ingredients, mix them in the right proportions and bake the cake, but also beautiful and unusual to decorate it. The most common decoration are fruits. It is easiest to decorate the cake, put it in a circle fruits, sliced. For the finished cake cover butter or protein cream. To make the cake with a noble appearance on the edges it can be decorated with cookies, nuts or berries.
how to decorate a cake with fruit
You will need
    • But the most spectacular and beautiful decoration are fruits
    • filled jelly. To make jelly you need:
    • 1 package gelatin;
    • 600 ml Apple juice;
    • 1 tbsp. powdered sugar;
    • fruits of all sizes
    • flavors and colors;
In a container in which to cook the jelly, sprinkle the package of gelatin and pour one Cup of Apple juice. Mix well and leave it for a while, until the gelatin swells.
Until gelatin swells, wash, peel and slice the fruit. Different fruits cut in different ways. For example, tangerines, oranges and other citrus it is better to divide into slices and clean the membranes, then the jelly will look brighter and more appetizing. Kiwi is usually cut into slices or semicircles, and banana - slices or cubes.
Once the gelatin has swollen, place the container on a small fire and cook, stirring constantly, until, until the gelatin is completely dissolved. Add 2 more cups of juice and a Cup of powdered sugar. The resulting mass pour into any dish.
Take a container of size and shape matching with the prepared cake. Put it the fruit, pour the gelatin mass and get the cold that jelly stiffened.
The cake needs to cool before you put it on the jelly. In order not to damage the jelly when you transfer it to the cake, carefully but quickly flip the container with the jelly on the cake. The edges of the cake look neater they can also decorate with slices of fresh fruit or pour a protein cream.

Advice 2: How to decorate cakes with fruit

Homemade cake can be decorated with icing or cream, but the most spectacular and delicious decoration - fruit. Beautifully cut and stacked fruits lend a festive, even a simple dessert. To the fruit is not zavetrilos and bought glitter, cover them with a thin layer of diluted with water jam or jelly.
How to decorate cakes with fruit
You will need
  • - a variety of fruits and berries;
  • - cookie dough;
  • - custard;
  • jam;
  • - fruit juice;
  • - gelatin.
To decorate the cake you can use any fruits and berries. Choose large, undamaged specimens. Sometimes for a more decorative berries, leaving the stems or twigs. Pay attention to the special varieties of strawberries or kiwi, not too tasty, but very beautiful. But overripe soft fruits for decoration is not suitable, it is better to use for the filling.
In considering the decor, consider the color gamut of fruit. Particularly impressive look bright fruit: green, red, orange, yellow. Most popular strawberry, gooseberry, grapes, oranges and lemons. Indispensable in the decoration of the carambola. Ribbed fruit is cut into transverse slices and make beautiful stars, which look very decorative.
To the fruit is firmly held on the surface of the cake, lay them on a layer of cream. For fruit cakes the perfect thick cream custard or oil, and a variety of marshmallows and gelatin.
Try to collect the cake with the decoration of different fruits. Pre-prepared shortcrust pastry, tuck in round detachable form, and carefully spread it on the bottom and the walls. Bumpers should not be too high. Lay dough on top of baking paper and pour the beans or peas. Bake crust until Golden brown.
Ready cake cool. Cook a thick custard of milk, eggs, sugar and vanilla. Chill the cream in a thick layer and place it on the cake.
Prepare fruit. Wash and dry large black grapes, oranges and kiwi cut into thin circles, each split in half. On the edge put the orange slices in the form of scales, then place black grapes, center, fill with slices of kiwi. Orange mug roll a cone and fasten it in the middle of the cake.
Prepare the fill. Generowania a few spoonfuls of jam out of lemons, mix with hot water and heat, stirring constantly. Cool slightly fill and pour her fruit. You can try another option. Tablespoon of gelatin, mix with warm water and, stirring, dissolve it, warming on the stove. Add two-thirds Cup of clear juice (e.g., grape). Let the mixture cool down and pour her fruit. The finished cake should stand until jelly hardens on its surface.
Have a cake decorated with fruit, there is a drawback - it is inconvenient to cut. To make it even easier, pre-cut the cake into neat slices, and then proceed to the decoration. Thus it is worth to prepare sponge cakes. First, using deep metal recesses cut out the middle, then divide the cake into smooth segments. This a La carte dessert looks wonderful on the holiday table.
Cake decoration you can use fruit cooked in syrup. So they turned translucent, the fruits are boiled in 4-5 receptions using concentrated sugar syrup. Ready fruits need to be removed from the fill and to dry out on the grill, and then spread on the cake. Similarly, you can cook pears, apples, quince and other hard fruits.
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