Why paint over the rust, you can work faster

If you do everything by the rules, painting the old "blooming" rust garage may take a very long time. A complex web of pipes, too hard to clean away the flakes of rust. The work is long and dirty.

Normal paint doesn't fall on the rusty areas and very quickly falls off, if you still manage somehow to fix it. The composition of the anticorrosive enamel for metal, includes special ingredients that penetrate inside of the metal through minute pores and stop the destruction.

Before applying paint over the rust is not necessary to strip the old surface to bare metal, enough to obmaknut flakes of old coating that are ready to fall off.

What are the paint on the rust

1. "Ravoet universal - enamel primer, designed for interior and exterior use. This paint is used to protect metal structures from corrosion in adverse conditions, conducive to rust. Also Ravoet universal stops corrosion of alloys, strengthening the surface of concrete and even wood. The paint can be applied to those designs that are operated under the temperature from - 60 to + 100C.
2. In the trade row Hammerite there are a lot of different paints over the rust. Hammer enamel Hammered with silicone additives restores the resistance of the metal surface to adverse weather conditions. Suitable for processing ferrous and non-ferrous metals, concrete, plastic, wood. Anti rust effect lasts 8 years.
3. "Keramet" - quick-drying antirust paint alkyd resins and polymer additives in the composition. It can also be applied directly to rusted surfaces without pre-treatment.
4. The ground-enamel on a rust from Novbytchim" is used for painting and protect surfaces, partially or completely corroded. This tool 3 in 1 rust Converter, the decorative covering enamel and anti-corrosion primer.
5. The ground-enamel on a rust alkyd TICIANA used inside and outside the premises. This tool is good for boosting touched by blasting the surface and create corrosion resistant coating. TICIANA prevents further spread of rust under the paint layer.
6. Enamel Poli-Hammer on rust in addition to all these advantages of other materials has excellent decorative qualities. Old rusty metal surface treatment Poli-Hammer becomes similar in appearance to the noble antique.