To protect the metal gate, you must first determine the quality of the products. The paint should protect the metal from corrosion arising due to heat, cold and different kinds of precipitation, but also a number of protective properties, it should give a decorative appearance. Therefore, the coating on the garage doors to apply moisture-proof and anticorrosion.

For garage doors you can find a lot of types of paints that meet these requirements. However, experts advise to use alkyd or silicone enamel. These compounds prevent corrosion, dry quickly and are resistant to moisture.

Alkyd enamel

Varieties of this enamel very much. Bright colors, abrasion resistance and versatility are the main features of alkyd enamel. The paintwork is perfect not only for interior use but also for domestic. The application of the enamel has no boundaries, as it can be matte, semi matte and glossy.

Especially alkyd enamels includes an increased level of elasticity and durability. This type of paint is ideal for interior decoration works, because it dries within a short period of time, does not yellow and does not change its color after drying, and properties sit.

High weather resistance allows you to use alkyd enamel for street painting and protection of metal against corrosion makes it ideal for painting garage doors. Fans of purity will appreciate the ability of coatings to withstand cleaning with detergents, so it can be used in bathroom, pool and sauna.

Organosilicone enamel

The main qualities of silicone enamel include corrosion resistance and heat resistance. Heat-resistant enamel can be applied to protect any metal and non-metallic surfaces that are subject to installation and operation at a temperature of minus 60 to plus 600 degrees. Anti-corrosion property will provide protection from the night and day temperature difference and humidity.

A particular surface in working condition will help to maintain a high level of decorative and protective properties, and a small material consumption will allow to save Finance.