Helpful information

Any nebulizer consists of a main device (compressor or ultrasonic), which generates a stream of oxygen or air, evenly spraying the medication in it. Also in the nebulizer comes with a spray gun constructed in a special way. He misses the fine particles of the drug.

In nebulizer oxygen (or compressed air) gradually passes through the narrow nozzle. Then it is escaped from the obstacle in the direction of the fluid, which, in turn, placed in the flask around the nozzle. The jet of oxygen (air) pushing evenly sprays the liquid from the surface.

Depending on the cost and type nebulizers are also equipped with mouthpieces, nozzles, masks, sprays, etc.

Ultrasonic nebulizers

One of the main advantages of good ultrasonic nebulizer is considered to be its silence. This is very important if the procedure is necessary to children. Ultrasonic nebulizers allow the patient to provide a large amount of the drug (6 ml) and ensure the homogeneity of the aerosol.

Undoubtedly, the ultrasonic nebulizer has its drawbacks. They are not recommended for spraying of drugs with large molecules in the composition (e.g., antibiotics). Ultrasound drugs are not used in inhalation suspensions.
It is worth noting that often when using the ultrasonic nebulizer having difficulty with the adjustment of the particle size.

Compressor nebulizers

The main advantage of nebulizer compressor is a wide range of applications. It is possible to use all drugs. It is very important for patients with bronchial asthma. Compressor nebulizers with the easily allow you to adjust the size of the particles. But they make considerable noise. Some children it's scary and disturbing. In addition to this drawback compressor nebulizer is small enough, the volume of supply of medication.

The choice of nebulizer

When buying a nebulizer, you must clearly identify the purpose of its use in the future, and how long and often he needs you to serve. You must also consider the duration of drug therapy and its cost. If you buy a nebulizer you have any difficulty, consult a qualified electrician. Your doctor will help you make the right choice.