You will need
  • The computer program WinDjView, DjVu Reader, MS Word basic skills for working with computer
Download and install the free program WinDjView. Open the desired file with the installed program (just right click on the document and find the tab "open with", then select the line "WinDjView").
After the document opens in the program, select the menu "file" (upper left corner) the item "print". If you accept the parameters of the default printer, click "print". Next, the program will execute your command.
There is also another way to print a document in djvu format. It is suitable for those who have less than functional software DjVu Reader (assuming you installed Office). Open the document in djvu format using DjVu Reader. In control panel find the icon on top (blue background) with a rectangle of a dotted line and a rectangle with a solid line, in which is placed a red ball. Click on these two icons and select the page you want to print.
Next, click on the icon in the form of two leaves dog-eared (the fragment is sent to the clipboard). Create a Word document. Then right click and select "paste". Then print as a normal text document with the extension "*.doc . That is, you insert the same images, usually in jpg, bmp and tif.