How to choose a nebulizer

When you select should pay attention to the specified in the passport specifications. This will help to understand exactly what the device will come in each case.

The specified tank capacity for medicines denotes the maximum volume for a Bay in the nebulizer chamber. This criterion is particularly relevant for nebulizer compressor operation, as the aerosol cannot be formed in case of excess volume of the fluid. Residual volume - the liquid that remains not transformed into an aerosol, - is, in every nebulizer.

To ensure that the aerosol is moved as much as possible, medicinal substances, having the expected therapeutic effect, the physiological solution is added to the maximum volume, re-adding it to the maximum to the residual volume.

You do not have a residual volume of only a mash-nebulizers.

And important performance characteristic of the aerosol: it is the amount that comes out of the nebulizer per minute. This figure has the higher the value, the less time can continue the procedure. This parameter is very important when treating small children, where every minute counts.

Regardless of the method of introduction and ways of penetration into the body, the effect of any drug depends on its dose. The nebulizer must always be filled only with the recommended by doctors amount of the drug.

Characteristics of the nebulizer, which you need to pay attention

The first characteristic which must be taken into account is the type of nebulizer. Ultrasonic devices, many drugs are destroyed, and the sense of such treatment will not. The best choice is a compressor type device as well to mesh-nebulisers, which are called even electronic-mesh. For compressor nebulizers important and the type of nebulizer chamber.

If the camera ramjet, about 70% of the substance will be lost in the atmosphere before reaching the respiratory tract. This makes it difficult to select the dosage and reduces the effect. The best solution is the choice of camera, activated by a breath, because that's what 90% of the drug gets into the respiratory tract.

You need to pay attention to the maximum operating time of the compressor. After a single treatment, many models require a break, and it is not possible to produce a second procedure.

Very important and the method of processing chamber of the nebulizer. Those models camera which allows to make processing of boiling, allows to sterilize the camera at home that will prevent re-infection.