If the child began vomiting, he needed comfort, because this phenomenon usually causes children severe fright. Change baby clothes if it is stained, make sure he rinsed his mouth and wiped his face. If the baby is not able to perform such actions, be sure to help him.
Select for toddler a comfortable position lying down or sitting, in which he will feel good. The repetition of vomiting the baby's head should be turned to the side – this will allow you to avoid getting vomit in the respiratory tract.
If there is a suspicion on poisoning with drugs or food, you will have to perform gastric lavage. In a liter of boiled water, add half teaspoon of baking soda. A child should drink as much fluid as you can. If after that retching does not occur, the vomiting can be cause by artificial means.
Increased body temperature, diarrhea – those symptoms that require medical intervention. After all, without a certain knowledge is impossible to uniquely determine what caused them. It so happens that the diagnosis could be made only after laboratory tests of vomit, so don't wait to call the doctor at home.
Vomiting is threatened by dehydration, so as soon as the retching stopped, you need to give the child to drink the liquid. Feeding will have to wait, not to cause another attack, complicating an already difficult situation. There are a number of medical drugs recommended by doctors to combat dehydration. But not all children agree them to drink, in this case, you can do sweetened green tea, mineral water without gas.
Forced to pour the liquid into the baby's mouth is not necessary, start with small portions. Although to insist on the fluid intake will have. First, the child can be given a few teaspoons of drink, and then go to high doses. The kid and he asks you to drink after some time.
Self pick up medications for a child is impossible. Only a doctor can prescribe the right medication. Indeed, instead of to weaken the gag reflex, medications can cause allergic reactions, complications. Turning to a specialist, try to talk in detail about what could cause vomiting. The doctor will be easier to diagnose if the mother describe symptoms and changes in behavior of the baby.
If the child loses consciousness and vomiting are accompanied by cramps, then he needs to immediately provide adequate medical care. Self-medication can lead to irreparable consequences.