Advice 1: How to treat vomiting in children

Vomiting in children is called a functional disorder of the intestines, or poisoning, poor quality food. Proper treatment often consists of gastric lavage, the use of adsorbents, diet.
Vomiting in a child
If, after the adopted on the eve of the food the child has stomach ache, nausea and vomiting - there is a possibility of poisoning. In this case, it is necessary to wash out the stomach with water. Do not use heated liquid, because it will increase the absorption of toxins from the small intestine, it is better to take water of room temperature or slightly chilled. Give the child to drink 2-3 glasses of water and induce the gag reflex by stimulation with a spatula or spoon handle to the root of the tongue. The wash procedure better repeat twice.
After gastric lavage, the baby need to drink adsorbing the drug is suitable to him in age. Children with years of life can give a crushed tablet of activated charcoal. Blend it and stir in water. The dose determine the rate of 10 kg of weight 1 tablet relies. Is activated charcoal it is possible to give another drug, for children older than 6 months are shown "Enterosgel". Use the medicine You can at any age. Be sure to calculate the right dosage of the drug, which is prescribed in the instructions not to aggravate the child's condition.
Pathology of the liver, the stomach cramps cause functional disorders of the digestive system, accompanied by vomiting. In this case, will on the first day of the water-tea break, and then the fractional frequent meals. When you water-tea pause the child let's every 15 minutes to drink warm sweet tea, gradually increase the dose from two tea spoons to about 50 ml at a time. If the child refuses to drink tea, offer him a solution "Regidron" in the same amounts. In cases where the baby does not drink either sweet tea or saltwater solution, be sure to give him warm water because it is absorbed faster than cold. Do not give your baby the first day of juices, milk, etc. For tea it is possible to offer the baby only 1-2 a biscuit.
On the second day feed your child easily digestible food, for example, cook porridge on the water, prepare the steamed vegetables. If the child has liver disease, you will have to eliminate for a long time, many food – fatty meat, eggs, chocolate, candy. Can't the kid eat fried, salty and spicy dishes. In functional disorder breastfeed the child 6-8 times a day small portions of warm food. Bowel better absorbed mechanically processed foods, that is, you need to mash these boiled potatoes, peel fresh apples peeled and minced, boiled meat skip through Mincer, etc.
Vomiting in a child may occur with motion sickness in the car. Knowing about such nuances of the child's body, not feed your baby for 2-4 hours prior to your scheduled trip, and in the way prepare sugarless mint tea. Take a mint or fruit roll-UPS - they often help to overcome the nausea.
With the development of vomiting in children is shown to bed, you cannot drive a child to kindergarten or school.
Useful advice
Repeated vomiting be sure to seek medical help. In cases where the child has a long stomach hurts, call the pediatrician at the house.

Advice 2 : What to do if child vomits

Vomiting is a reflex from the stomach the remnants of undigested food. It is not always the result of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The child may also vomit from overeating, from eating mom of substandard products, from hypersensitive to certain types of food, sometimes milk.
What to do if child vomits

If vomiting manifested itself once, it is not necessary to be concerned about this. If child vomits every time the stomach gets even a minimal amount of food or liquid should be consult a doctor. The fact that it can result from intestinal infections. So the sooner you seek qualified help, the sooner your child will feel better.

Keep in mind that if the child is vomiting the child is very dehydrated quickly, so it is necessary that the kid ate as much liquid as possible. The problem is that, first, the child is likely to refuse the drink, and secondly, a large amount of fluid will not be retained by the ventricle. Therefore it is better to give to drink little by little, teaspoons. If you can not - fill with a syringe directly in the mouth. Offer drinks often, literally every 5-10 minutes. As a drink better suited to black or chamomile tea. The temperature of the tea should be very warm (not hot!), so it is much faster absorbed into the stomach wall.

Along with tea should be given and preparations: "Regidron", "Smectite", "use adsorbents". The principle is the same - a tea spoon every 5-10 minutes. This medication absorbent character, deducing toxins from the body. "Regidron" - 1 sachet per litre. freshly boiled cooled water. The minimum dose should be 30 ml/kg for 6-10 h. the Sachet of Smecta should be diluted to 1/2 Cup of warm water. Children under one year is enough to consume 1 sachet per day, not less than 3 days. "Use adsorbents" is diluted at the rate of 2.5 g powder in 50 ml cooled, boiled water. Children under 3 years old should drink about 100 ml per day.

Vomiting usually occurs on the background of high temperature. If it does not exceed 38 degrees, knock off is not worth it. If getting up - give any analgesic "Panadol", "Nurofen", "Calpol" in the form of suspensions or suppositories. You should consider the fact that each of the drugs can be given only once during a certain period of time (5-6 hours). Therefore, in order to avoid overdose, medications should be alternated.

Some time hold the baby on a dairy-free diet. But don't rule out breast milk, as it will help much faster to cope with the illness.

Advice 3 : That means an increased gag reflex in a child

An increased gag reflex in the majority of cases observed in young children. This may be a defensive reaction or a symptom of the disease. The right approach will help to solve the problem and avoid its aggravation.
That means an increased gag reflex in a child
The parents of some kids complain to doctors that the child is often torn during brushing teeth, or eating, by eating several dishes with small pieces. In this case, doctors say about the increased gag reflex.

What is an increased gag reflex?

An increased gag reflex is often observed in young children during the introduction of the first feeding. But sometimes it can persist for up to 7 years and older. Children with an increased gag reflex barely chew and swallow food, and if parents scold a child, then later it can feel sick just at the sight of food. At that time, as peers are happy eating solid foods, children with increased gag reflex can break even after falling into the food a small lump.

Often the gag reflex is increased after a visit to the dentist and hygiene of the oral cavity. In the first case you need to refer to specialist who will find the approach to toddler and can establish a trusting relationship. And the second to choose the right toothbrush and toothpaste, you can offer your child to make a choice.

The reasons for the increased reflex several: diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, nervous system, antibiotics, stress, increased intracranial pressure, abnormalities in the structure of the throat and palate, inappropriate and untimely introduction of the first solid foods. If vomiting is observed in hyperactive children, that's the reason, most likely, higher nervous excitability.

How to cope with an increased gag reflex and to teach a child to eat solid food?

To save a child from this unpleasant phenomenon, you need to consult a doctor and find out the reason for the increased gag reflex. You can then take action. If the cause is a disease of the digestive tract or the nervous system, it is necessary to pass the examination and to treat. For hyperactive children neurologists prescribe sedatives nervous system means.

Pediatricians for parents of children with an increased gag reflex suggest in any case do not force the child is violently and blame for failure. To teach your baby to solid foods and to overcome the gag reflex, size of the pieces you need to increase gradually.

Doctors give many advice on how to cope with an increased gag reflex in children, but still, it's an unpleasant phenomenon, simply to survive. With age, this reflex fades, and the vomiting stopped.

Advice 4 : What to do with vomiting in a child

Children's bodies are constantly exposed to the attacks of bacteria and viruses and is not always able to cope with them, resulting in children having the disease, accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Parents should not panic, they need to use their knowledge to remedy the situation.
What to do with vomiting in a child
If the child began vomiting, he needed comfort, because this phenomenon usually causes children severe fright. Change baby clothes if it is stained, make sure he rinsed his mouth and wiped his face. If the baby is not able to perform such actions, be sure to help him.
Select for toddler a comfortable position lying down or sitting, in which he will feel good. The repetition of vomiting the baby's head should be turned to the side – this will allow you to avoid getting vomit in the respiratory tract.
If there is a suspicion on poisoning with drugs or food, you will have to perform gastric lavage. In a liter of boiled water, add half teaspoon of baking soda. A child should drink as much fluid as you can. If after that retching does not occur, the vomiting can be cause by artificial means.
Increased body temperature, diarrhea – those symptoms that require medical intervention. After all, without a certain knowledge is impossible to uniquely determine what caused them. It so happens that the diagnosis could be made only after laboratory tests of vomit, so don't wait to call the doctor at home.
Vomiting is threatened by dehydration, so as soon as the retching stopped, you need to give the child to drink the liquid. Feeding will have to wait, not to cause another attack, complicating an already difficult situation. There are a number of medical drugs recommended by doctors to combat dehydration. But not all children agree them to drink, in this case, you can do sweetened green tea, mineral water without gas.
Forced to pour the liquid into the baby's mouth is not necessary, start with small portions. Although to insist on the fluid intake will have. First, the child can be given a few teaspoons of drink, and then go to high doses. The kid and he asks you to drink after some time.
Self pick up medications for a child is impossible. Only a doctor can prescribe the right medication. Indeed, instead of to weaken the gag reflex, medications can cause allergic reactions, complications. Turning to a specialist, try to talk in detail about what could cause vomiting. The doctor will be easier to diagnose if the mother describe symptoms and changes in behavior of the baby.
If the child loses consciousness and vomiting are accompanied by cramps, then he needs to immediately provide adequate medical care. Self-medication can lead to irreparable consequences.
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