If vomiting manifested itself once, it is not necessary to be concerned about this. If child vomits every time the stomach gets even a minimal amount of food or liquid should be consult a doctor. The fact that it can result from intestinal infections. So the sooner you seek qualified help, the sooner your child will feel better.

Keep in mind that if the child is vomiting the child is very dehydrated quickly, so it is necessary that the kid ate as much liquid as possible. The problem is that, first, the child is likely to refuse the drink, and secondly, a large amount of fluid will not be retained by the ventricle. Therefore it is better to give to drink little by little, teaspoons. If you can not - fill with a syringe directly in the mouth. Offer drinks often, literally every 5-10 minutes. As a drink better suited to black or chamomile tea. The temperature of the tea should be very warm (not hot!), so it is much faster absorbed into the stomach wall.

Along with tea should be given and preparations: "Regidron", "Smectite", "use adsorbents". The principle is the same - a tea spoon every 5-10 minutes. This medication absorbent character, deducing toxins from the body. "Regidron" - 1 sachet per litre. freshly boiled cooled water. The minimum dose should be 30 ml/kg for 6-10 h. the Sachet of Smecta should be diluted to 1/2 Cup of warm water. Children under one year is enough to consume 1 sachet per day, not less than 3 days. "Use adsorbents" is diluted at the rate of 2.5 g powder in 50 ml cooled, boiled water. Children under 3 years old should drink about 100 ml per day.

Vomiting usually occurs on the background of high temperature. If it does not exceed 38 degrees, knock off is not worth it. If getting up - give any analgesic "Panadol", "Nurofen", "Calpol" in the form of suspensions or suppositories. You should consider the fact that each of the drugs can be given only once during a certain period of time (5-6 hours). Therefore, in order to avoid overdose, medications should be alternated.

Some time hold the baby on a dairy-free diet. But don't rule out breast milk, as it will help much faster to cope with the illness.