Drink alkaline mineral water. In the period of poisoning can be consumed in unlimited quantities. If not at hand, dissolve in boiled water, a little salt and add the soda at the tip of a teaspoon. Salt removes toxins and soda stimulate digestion and suppresses the acidity, which is often formed in cases of poisoning with poor-quality products.
Make a weak solution of potassium permanganate and drink. Then you can pull again, then wait a little and take another 100 g of weak solution of potassium permanganate. The way to stop vomiting you can use to relief the condition even in young children.
Accept the activated coal from calculation 1 tablet on 1 kg of body weight. After a while you will feel relief, but vomiting does not always stop immediately. After a few hours, drink 2-4 tablets of activated charcoal with intervals between doses of 4-5 hours.
In drugstores and other sorbents, as well as antiemetics. Buy Smectite, Motilium or any similar drug. But if you notice that you have a fever and diarrhea begins, it is better not to lubricate symptoms of the disease sorbents, or, in extreme cases, an accurate diagnosis will be difficult.
If vomiting is caused by poisoning - she has to stop during the day. Try to drink more fluids. If you can eat then eat an Apple or low fat yogurt. Sometimes persistent vomiting ceases after a meal. Often this is due to irritation of the stomach, which calms down a bit in the process of digestion.