Blood pressure varies depending on many factors – this psychological state of the person, and time of day, and the reception of various drugs, and other factors that raise or lower the pressure.

There are a few simple rules about under what conditions is it necessary to measure blood pressure:

1. To measure blood pressure is needed in a room with comfortable temperature. In the cool room as the vessels are narrowed, so the pressure rises, and hot – expand, hence the pressure decreases.

2. Also the pressure affects all kinds of emotions, anger and feelings, so it is necessary to ensure a calm environment and relax completely.

3. It is not recommended to watch TV, talk on the phone and conduct interviews with the household.

4. It is better to relax in the recliner for 10-15 minutes.

If you measure the pressure regularly, do it 2 times a day at the same time, and visiting a therapist, be sure to show your records. For the metrics to be as accurate as possible, do a series of 3 measurements between the measurements use interval of 2 minutes and no less.

Features of the measurement

You need to sit down in a comfortable chair or on a chair, which will be the dimension. Cross your feet is impossible, and hands must be the heart. If you measure the pressure in the first time, do it on two hands. On the other hand, where the pressure will be higher, and you need to carry out all subsequent procedures.

Before the measurement, loosen the shoulder so that it was possible to impose the cuff of sphygmomanometer. The arm should be relaxed, otherwise the contraction of the muscles of the shoulder will lead to wrong results during the measurement.

What not to do

One hour before measurement is not recommended:
- Smoking;
to eat;
- to drink strong tea and coffee;
- nervous;
- perform heavy physical exertion.

It is also worth noting that 2 hours before the procedure should not take any heart medicines, to use drops or sprays for the nose and eyes.

To measure pressure you need time, especially when there is a deterioration of General health. You can independently determine the rate of their blood pressure, depending on individual characteristics, and with the help of a therapist. If significant deviations from the norm should immediately contact a specialist.