You will need
  • -tonometer;
  • - chair;
  • -table.
First time blood pressure measured in the morning, an hour after a night's sleep.
To measure pressure you need in a relaxed atmosphere. The person has to sit in a free position. Sick people measure their blood pressure in the supine position.
The arm on which the pressure is measured, should be free and relaxed to lie down, relying on a solid Foundation-a table, a chair. Don't have the arm to fall or droop. Arm should be straightened at the elbow.
Immediately before pressure measurement, you cannot perform the physical exercises and load. You can't drink the drinks containing caffeine -tea, coffee. You can't smoke and take a hot shower. You can't take medication.
The second time measure their blood pressure in the middle of the day. The data will be objective after 8-10 minutes of rest. Enough to make sitting or lying relaxed body position. Measure the pressure through 1-1,5 hours after a meal, performing all the same described measurement conditions in the morning.
Third time check blood pressure in the evening. Also, through 1-1,5 hours after a meal and in a calm state.
People who suffer high blood pressure, to measure blood pressure readings are required at least twice a day.
Healthy people enough every six months to monitor the performance of the pressure. And the appearance of disease symptoms such as heart pain, dizziness.