You will need
  • - tonometer;
  • - the stethoscope.
Mechanical sphygmomanometer consists of a cuff (occlusion of the brachial artery), pear (for pumping air into the cuff), a manometer that measures the pressure in the cuff, and two rubber tubes. More to the sphygmomanometer attached stethoscope to hear the pulse.
Blood pressure is generally measured in the brachial artery (on the shoulder). The pulse is auscultated in the projection of the radial artery. It passes the elbow (closer to the inner side of the cubital fossa). That's where you need to put the diaphragm of the stethoscope.
Blood pressure is measured in a calm state. Before the procedure one should not perform physical work, stress and Smoking. Before measurement, it is necessary comfortable to sit or lay the patient. The hand, which is to be measured, the pressure must be at heart level (if the person is sitting) and to be bent at the elbow.
Make sure that the cuff is no air. To do this, open the air valve on the bag and squeeze the cuff with your hands. Wear it on the shoulder (2-3 cm above elbow joint) and lock. The cuff should not be worn very tightly, so that between her hand and placed one finger. The tube should be placed in the cubital fossa. Hang the manometer on the cuff, below the scale is clearly visible.
Put on the stethoscope. Place the membrane in the cubital fossa 1 inch closer to the inner side. Once you are able to hear the pulse, then the membrane is located right.
Close the air valve pear. And start to pump. You need to pump until, until no longer pulse.
Then open the air valve and start to slowly release the air. Carefully follow the indications of the manometer. As soon as you hear the pulse, check the value of testimony and memorize it. This value is the systolic (top) pressure. Continue to pull the air. As soon as the pulse disappears again, remember this value. It will correspond to the diastolic (lower) pressure.
It is desirable to measure blood pressure in both arms three times with an interval of 5 minutes. Pressure on the right and left hand may be slightly different, but not more than 5 mm of mercury.St.
If the first attempt you have not heard the border systolic or diastolic blood pressure, not just to pump up the cuff, the data will be incorrect. Release all the air and repeat the measurement after 5 minutes.