How to choose a tie to suitand shirt color?

Ties come in a variety of colors and patterns. Under the same suit with a shirt you can pick some suitable options. It depends on what case you put it on.

But there is a basic rule of choice of the tie: it must be darker than the shirt, which, in turn, should be a tone lighter than the suit. For example, the gray suit is so neutral that it will fit any tie color, so in most cases the decisive factor in choosing the color of the tie is the shirt. But regardless of the color of shirts don't get involved in too bright colors of the ties, leave them for parties. If the tie pattern, its main color should match the shirt color, but other colors must be of the same range with him. Under the blue shirt, you can wear a tie with a pattern based on blue, dark blue. If the tie is striped, the stripes should not differ in color from the shirts, i.e., under the blue shirt you should wear a tie with stripes of the same hue.

The pattern on the tie is also important. If you are going for a business meeting, don't wear a tie with pictures, polka dot, plaid. For this case the approach ties in stripes, zigzags, diamonds.

Under the shirt pattern should wear a solid tie.

The choice of the tie should not be restricted only so that it blends seamlessly with the color of shirt. There are a number of nuances that can transform a man.

How to choose a tie under the appearance of a man?

Properly selected shape of the tie and pattern is able to emphasize the dignity of man and to hide the flaws.

If tie need a man lean physique, it needs to be broad, with a large figure. If it strips, then they must not be vertical. Such stripes visually elongate the silhouette of a man, so this figure will look great on a full man short.

On low young people look good plain or with a subtle pattern ties.

Men with a round face should wear a tie with a pattern, which is dominated by soft, rounded details. If men straight lines are concerned, he will approach the tie in a cage or stripes.

How to wear a tie?

It happens that the tie matched with all of the guidelines and costs a lot of money, but man it still looks ridiculous. And all because he wears it wrong. Therefore, it is important to know that a well-tied tie should have a tight knot, and its length should be such that the wide end was covered by the buckle on the belt. But if a man wears a tie under a vest, he should not from under it to look.

If you wear a tie clip, ensure it is not misaligned.

On ties, like any piece of clothing that extends fashion, which is changing. Therefore, the choice of this accessory is the most important thing he liked was to face.