If you have filled the display with water, coffee, etc., immediately turn the phone off and not turn on until, until you are sure that it is completely dry. Don't forget to open the phone, remove the battery and SIM card and see if there are any traces of moisture on its internal surfaces.
Even if everything is in order, leave in the open for a period of not less than a day. Do not put it on heaters, and do not attempt to dry with a hair dryer, to finally not to screw things up.
Insert back the battery and try to power the phone on. If it is in working condition, take it whenever possible, in service for diagnosis, as often after a forced "swimming" phones out of order once and for all.
Any other damage should first decide whether it is necessary to replace the display, or much cheaper to buy a new model. If you decided this question in favor of the old phone, contact the store of spare parts for cell phones, show the broken camera to the seller and he will tell you whether the sale displays are suitable for this model.
Purchase a new display and a set of special screwdrivers, if you decide to fix it yourself without going to service. But if your phone is touch screen, you will in any case it is better to address in the workshop as at home to fix such a device is impossible.
Disconnect the phone, remove the SIM card and battery. Find online illustrated step-by-step instructions for replacing the screenand model of your mobile device and read it.
Choose from a set of screwdriver bit that fits sight slot have screws, fastening parts of the phone. Insert it into the handle of a screwdriver and disassemble the phone by following the guide.
Remove the old ribbon cable of the display and gently push the new. Pick up the phone. Insert the SIM card and battery. Turn on the machine and verify that it works.