You will need
  • - lint-free soft cloth;
  • - small needle.
If damage has occurred with the memory card, make sure that it can be repaired. Format it, clean contacts, if necessary, make a recovery. If none of this helped, do not use your camera broken card.
If you have suddenly had problems with the battery, fully charge and discharge it a few times to disperse its capacity. If this doesn't help, also replace this item. It is best to have in the kit two batteries for the camera. Please note that they must be original, otherwise you run the risk of your camera.
In the event of deformation of the lens reflex camera Canon use appropriate for its lens with a special cleaning kits that you can find in your shops or ordered via the Internet. Wipe the contacts with a lint-free cloth, while in no case do not use products for washing Windows or monitors.
Only use specially designed fluids and tissues. If this is not possible, rather it be the usual cloth. Also remember to align with a small needle rubber lens mount. The contacts and the rubber mounts are best cleaned with isopropyl alcohol.
If you experience more serious problems in the work SLR Canon take it to a service center for repair, in any case do not disassemble the lens or the camera. For disassembly of the lens necessary not only special tools, but laboratory conditions. Otherwise, you get the picture, a distorted trapped inside a small lint if you have to put it back together.
When you drop the camera into water will it dry a few days, before that open all possible compartments. The battery is best removed as soon as possible, the same applies to memory cards. Do not operate the camera until it is completely dry.