You will need
  • Hairdryer.
First of all, after entering the water you should immediately turn off the phoneand not wait for when he goes down, even if you believe that inside the phoneand the water was not hit.
Then remove all accessories from the phoneand, namely, memory card, SIM card, battery. Then wipe the mobile with a napkin or a dry towel.
After that, take a Hairdryer and dry the apparatus at a distance of about 20 cm within an hour. In no case do not hold the dryer too close to the phone, as this may lead to undesirable consequences such as melting of the elements the phone.
Strong when wet the innards of the phone , you have to put the rear panel up near an air conditioner or a couple of days in the closet between the clothes. In no case do not put the wet phone on a hot surface, such as a battery.
After all look carefully at the display off the phoneand if it is not cloudy and has no water droplets, it is possible to insert the battery into place. If the water is left, put it again to dry according to above method.