You will need
  • the probe, a set of keys
The first thing you need to check how the brakes on your car. To do this you need the help of a friend, so he followed the trajectory of your car and how it brakes.
Accelerate to 80 km/h and brake hard. Then ask your friend about how the wheel reacted by braking, they all went to the SW or just the front. If only the front brake, adjust "warlock"because it distributes the load to the wheels evenly, so they all inhibited at the same time
Then find a flat, small platform for your machine to make it easy for her to climb. Winter would be perfect for that track with Packed snow and summer dirt, smooth track
Please bring the necessary tools for loosening the bolts and lay down along your vehicle's my head near the rear wheels. The Shoop check the gap between the clip "the sorcererand" and insert, this is done in order to make it easier to keep track of the brakes from clearance
Loosen the two bolts 13 and if you have to make a point of the brake before, then put the bracket "sorcerera" to this plate and tighten the bolts, but do not forget that the plate is elastic, and the effort necessary to make a considerable
Then again, accelerate and brake, if the wheels still brakes unevenly, then you should make even less of a gap between the bracket "sorcerera" and plate. But if the deceleration of the vehicle occurs with a uniform load on the front and rear wheels, then adjust the "sorcerera" is successful and you have achieved the desired result. But do not forget that the adjustment of the braking forces it is necessary to do periodically