You will need
  • - clear rubber hose;
  • - open-end wrench 10/12;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - glass jar with capacity of 1 l;
  • - brake fluid.
Before adjusting elements of the braking system replace brake fluid. Type is required it is usually specified in the technical documentation to the vehicle; it can be found also on the inscriptions made on the expansion tank or the brake hoses.
In a quart glass jar, pour 1-2 inch of new brake fluid. Remove the cap from the surge tank. Slip into the fitting tube, the free end of which dip into the jar, drowning him in liquid. It is convenient to use transparent tubes used in IVS.
By reducing lever rear motorcycle brake gradually fully squeeze the old brake fluid from the system to free capacity, simultaneously adding to the surge tank of a new composition.
Make sure that the old fluid is completely out of the system. This can be identified by the absence of air bubbles in a transparent tube. If the bubbles are gone, tighten the bleeder screw without applying excessive force to avoid damage.
Close the lid of the surge tank. After the operation is completed go to the same pumping the front brake circuit of the motorcycle.
After replacing the fluids, adjust the brake system starting at the rear of the contour. Adjustment of the rear-wheel brakes odnomodovogo type, for example, the "IZH-Planeta-5" or "IZH-Jupiter-5", use the screw located in the housing of the sprocket. The motorcycle "Ural" and "Dnepr" for this purpose include the adjustment cone. Pedal free play after the correct adjustment should be in the range of 10-15 mm.
On the motorcycle "Java" adjust rear brake by rotation of the impeller, tightening it up as long as the block is not going to slow down. After this should loosen the impeller on the turn and a half. Make sure that when the brake is released the pads do not touch the drum.