You will need
  • the door closer;
  • - instructions for use.
To decrease the closing speed, turn the regulator valve counterclockwise. To the closing velocity was more, turn the valve clockwise.
With the help of another valve adjust the speed of bootstrap. To do this, turn it counterclockwise or clockwise, with the speed of bootstrap will increase/decrease. Not scroll valve more than two turns from the end position, as this could upset the settings, oil loss, and, ultimately, failure of the entire door closer.
Change the force of the tension spring. For more taut opening, turn the special nut clockwise to facilitate the opening, turn it counterclockwise.
Adjust the valve that provides protection from plowing door to the end. To change the plowing angle, turn the adjusting nut clockwise/anti-clockwise direction.
Some closersOh set hold-open, with its help you install the door to open. This option can be used if necessary to keep the door open all the time, for example, when moving. To do this, open the door to 90? and tighten the retainer to remove the lock, simply pull the door open.
If you've tried all these advices, but to adjust closers as needed failed, probably wrong installation. View hanging the door vertically, is installed correctly closer. Check the nut that adjusts the tension force of the spring should be opposite the door hinges, and variable length lever should be adjusted so that it was located under a corner 90? to the box door. If you suspect that the door closer is installed incorrectly, remove and reinstall all the rules.