Cutlets, zrazy, schnitzels sell. Before cooking do not need to defrost as they can lose shape. When frying meatballs not from the freezer, they stick to the surface. Properly to cook them on a hot pan with vegetable oil. Definitely need to strongly heat the surface, and then put the semi-finished products. First fry them on medium heat on one side for 7-10 minutes, need to form a Golden crust. Then flip to the other side, reduce heat and hold for 10-15 minutes. During this time, the product will be fully ready.
Dumplings or khinkali is also no need to defrost, so they don't stick together. Cook them in boiling water with spices. Wait until the water is heated to 100 ° C (boil), and then put the semi-finished products in the pot. Immediately stir so they do not become a single lump. The taste was more rich, add the Bay leaf, pepper, salt to taste. To cook the dumplings need for 10-13 minutes. Wait until they float to the surface, and then until ready wait for 5 minutes. In the process of cooking do not need a pan lid so the dough fell apart and the stuffing was on the bottom of the pan.
Cabbage rolls or stuffed peppers are usually prepared in a frying pan or deep saucepan. To get a tasty, sauté chopped vegetables: onions, carrots and bell pepper. Add in a mixture of water and wait until boiling and then put the products in the broth. Cooking time is from 7 to 15 minutes, it depends on the size of the workpieces. Many Housewives in the resulting sauce put the ketchup or Mayo, it gives a special taste but increases the calorie content. The dish was more spicy, put fragrant spices, and when serving, sprinkle the finished dish with greens.
Manty steamed. To do this, they placed in a steamer for 15-20 minutes. Thaw before cooking them is not necessary, they will take the necessary form in the steam treatment process. The dish was even more enjoyable, don't forget about the sauce, you can make it yourself, but you can buy ready-made.
Today, there are pancakes with different fillings. This is a dish that requires defrosting. You can just leave for an hour at room temperature or place in the microwave for the appropriate mode. Then they are roasted on a hot pan on both sides. They do not strongly adhere, they can not put on a very hot surface. It is important to wait for each side of the pancake is browned. Enough 3-4 minutes to fully cook.