You will need
    • frozen corn;
    • deep pan;
    • milk.
Bring the water to a boil in a pot (better if it is enameled pot, because there are fewer dissolved nutrients and minerals). Do not rush to salt water - corn in salt water is becoming tougher.
Break the corn into pieces if it is large, but if medium in size and easily intervene into the pan, leave whole. If you have corn on the cob was frozen with leaves, they can be removed and put on the bottom of the pan to enhance the flavor.
Dip in boiling water corn. It is important that she was completely covered with water. If desired, you can pour the water a Cup of milk to give the corn a creamy taste.
Turn down the heat to minimum and simmer the corn with the lid closed for 10 to 30 minutes. Periodically check the readiness with a sharp knife or fork, pierce a kernel, if it is soft, the dish is ready. Cooking time depends on the degree of ripeness of the corn: the corn is more Mature, the longer the cooking time.
When corn is ready, remove it from the water. Don't place the cooked vegetables in the water, they become tasteless and watery. Vegetable broth is rich in nutrients, it can be used as a basis for soups or sauces.
Warm corn sprinkle with salt, spread with butter, cover and let it stand: now it is possible to eat.