Android smartphones

Smartphones based on Android operating system today are no longer a luxury but a necessary thing that must always be there and with the help of which you can easily and freely communicate with family and friends.

Modern smartphones based on Android OS are also indispensable assistants in business. Every year produce new model cellphones and every time they become more sophisticated, more functional, more powerful and more subtle.

Becoming a happy owner of Android smartphone, gradually begin to notice that the battery is not long enough, and it would be necessary to save. For example, when the phone in the near future is not needed, better to turn it off.

Disable device on Android

Procedure off and on for smartphones running Android is not so very different from the same procedure on other phones.

To turn on and off the phone with a special button, which most often located in the right side of the phone body. There are also smartphones, which button to turn off is on the left side of the phone body.

This button is usually marked off a circle with a strip in the center. Next, on this same button can be drawn and even the castle, which means that using this button to lock the device.

So, if this button is pressed once more, it is possible to unlock or lock the phone. And in this case, you need this button, press and hold for a few seconds until a menu appears with 3 lines – "power Off", "Restart" and "Turn on flight mode". Select the item "power Off" the smartphone is turned off.

There is also the possibility to turn on and off the device without using a keyboard with the help of different applications. For example, some applications are able to switch off the phone, depending on its orientation in space. If you enable one of the modes, then the device will turn off in the moment when it is placed in the pocket, and if you choose the second mode, the gadget shuts off when you put it on the table face down. Such effect is possible in connection with the use of proximity sensors and accelerometer.

Using these mobile applications, you can turn on and off your smartphone without the need to click the off button. The power consumption is not increased.