If you do not wish to use a mobile phone to access various network resources, disable this feature. The best solution would be to completely disable data transfer services-contact operator.
Contact technical support for the company providing mobile communication services. Describe your problem and ask the operator to disable the data service. Possible to implement this requirement you will need to visit the operator's office and write a statement.
In that case, if this procedure can be done without your intervention, restart the mobile phone after you turn off the data services.
You can also solve this problem. For this you need to change the settings of the Internet connection. Turn on your mobile phone. Open the settings menu of the device.
To start, try to completely block access to the network. Open the menu "Protection". Locate the "Lock Internet access". Activate it and enter the password. Its value will specify the instructions for the mobile phone.
In the absence of this feature, simply set the wrong settings of the connection. Go to responsible for the settings of the Internet. Enter invalid value of the access point. Select "Personal configuration". Set new values for user name and password.
Save the entered parameters. Reboot the mobile device. It is important to understand that GPRS Internet in many modern devices, there may be other possibilities of access to the network.
Disable Wi-Fi adapter of the mobile device. Deactivate auto-connect to open access points. Such networks can be used by hackers for hacking your phone.