We need to distinguish between vulgarity loader and vulgarity of the Professor. In the first case, man is just another way to communicate can't, including sympathy to Express otherwise, than dirty words, hard man. Have pity on this man and not show his righteous indignation. If you and that person do not overlap constantly, it's best not to offend someone, and so on life no luck. So ignore all the vulgarity. Pretend that you just did not notice.
Another thing – vulgarity from the mouth of a man educated and developed. It is a conscious desire to offend and humiliate. What to do in this situation, how to respond? Best option is to not react at all, making the person impervious. So recommend to do to victims of childhood "teasing" is not responsive, then the interlocutors will be interested to talk dirty. The goal is to cause anger or embarrassment, if you do not react once, the probability that the next time this man would say something like that, sharply decreases.
If you talk dirty to me on the people to remain silent becomes difficult. If you still want something to reply to, answer, only answers you need to prepare in advance. In the allusions to intercourse, we can say that dream is not harmful. If the man is older than you in age is ten years and more, tell me what you don't like Antiques. Educated person can answer that, it seems, with the sex full of seams, because he only thinks about it. You can light a smile to say that in respect of some men is Darwin, it seems, was right.
Immediately after saying his catchphrase, try to escape from the scene of the meeting with a lover to talk dirty. It is necessary not to include in the circle of his acquaintances such a personality. Even if you feel socially undesirable, you do not have sufficient education, beauty and so on, it can't be a reason to tolerate the nasty behavior of some men. You stand more time find time to seek answers to their questions and to change something.