If you ever wondered and posed a silly question just answered and everything, and now it's starting to irritate you, know that there are three cases when they are set. The first is simple: people do not possess the mind, and the questions it does not need to analyze. Just answer, no matter how strange the question.
In almost any organization when applying for a job ask, as everyone seems to stupid questions. For example, "Why should we take you?", "What do you expect from the future place of work?", "What are your weaknesses?", etc. Know that this is not a stupid questions. It is a well-built practice recruitment HR.
The fact is that is exactly how you will answer these questionsand tell me about you very much. Even if they are not the topic. Therefore, such serious meetings prepare in advance. Decide immediately how and what you will answer questions of this kind. Just be aware that recruiters also psychologists, and your revelation or too beautiful speech to anything good will not. Here is the Golden middle.
And third, the most common case, when the person specifically asks stupid questions. His goal is to see how you will cope with this test. A good example is familiarity. One person will samudaya and begins to babble something, the other will answer, so that will cause embarrassment of the originator of a communication.
If the same stupid questions your friend asks you, you know that the most correct answer to this desire he disappeared. Answer suddenly, with a sense of humor. Most importantly, not to respond to the issue. For example, the question "why are You so sad?" answer: "This cow is sad because they are fat and can't wear makeup, and I just thought." After two or three such answers he won't be bothering you.
Remember, you do not need to report to the people and answer their questions detailed answers (unless, of course, you do not need it). Learn to treat everything with humor, it'll make life easier and make it a little brighter.