Do not reply to insult to insult, especially if your guy is violent and in a fit of anger do not follow your own words, and after a quarrel he regret said. Most likely, he will ask your forgiveness when you're at peace. If he is from those who just want to humiliate the girl, ignore all his harsh words, do not take them to heart and not start a scandal. A slap in the face in such cases will also be not the best option. If you find it difficult to hold back, go in the other room.
If you see that the guy offends you intentionally, not just says whatever's on our mind, don't let him know that hurtful words hurt you. On the contrary, answer him coldly and ironically. No need to shout or to cry, otherwise the offender will understand that touched you to the quick.
Do not try to justify or to prove to the man that he is wrong. You just have to let him know that his abuse is not only baseless, but stupid, and thus he exposes himself to ridicule. Demonstrate keen interest the words of man. Unable even to notice that he says amazing things, because you had not known about such details. Of course, you have to understand that insults men have nothing to do with you.
Try to calm the guy. Sometimes the words "you know what they say?" or "do you know how I hate to hear all this?" the sober man, cool his ardor, and make him realize that he had said too much. If the argument happens in front of strangers, especially when children enter the guy for it. You can also let him know how ridiculous he looks making a scandal in front of others.
When the guy wakes up, ask him never to insult you. In that case, if he continues to humiliate you, you should seriously think about the breakup. The fact that intentional cruel insults can later move to the next stage – beating. If the guy is just violent and not in control of himself in anger, try to calmly discuss this issue and work together to find a solution.