In part the relationship of the questions and answers. Here we do not consider minute, meaningless relationship between a man and a woman. If the young person is showing you is not an idle interest, try to decide what you wanted to look in his eyes. Submissive and not contradictory? Daring and independent, mischievous and Flirty, seductive, simple and straightforward, and therefore not straining? All this can be clear from your answers. And of course, you need to understand what they want out of the relationship.Of course, much depends on the issues your boyfriend has, what he is seeking. If you see that his curiosity is the desire for early sex, you can bluntly ask him about it, answering a question with a question. Let's say the guy asks you about coming tonight, would you like to spend it in his apartment, because the parents went to the cottage and the area are free. If you feel you are not ready for another relationship, don't be shy and ask point-blank about the prospects of the coming interview. If you dear to him, as a man, he'll try to reassure you and dispel your fears. Can you even take his word that nothing that you do not want this night. If the feelings are real, the delay proximity is not a hindrance. And time in this case - only the assistant.
Men sometimes - people are strange, and courtship can take unusual forms. To entertain you, or to seem witty, the guy can start asking ridiculous or stupid questions. No need to take this seriously, to worry about. Maybe so he's just trying to fill a pause, to entertain you. And if the person you care about, you can use the following variants of answers: to answer in his way, as much sense about anything, but with a tinge of good-natured humour. If such issues guys bring you out of balance, try to steer the conversation in the direction you are interested in.
In addition, it is possible to encounter very specific, sometimes hard questions. For example: "You really consider yourself so smart (beautiful, independent, etc.)?" - answer simply and calmly that I see myself exactly as I see you, your friends, family and loving people. Or: "You think I'm pretty enough, sexy, independent, etc.?" - then the answer is more complicated. Positively on all items of this question can be answered rare girl, and this answer would mean that she met Prince charming. Negative-true, incriminating answers hit hurt hypertrophied male ego. If you want to adjust the above qualities - start with praise and approval. About what you would like to see, or change, speak delicately and better in other men or couples.