You will need
  • His composure, sense of humor
Smile and mysterious.Impolite conversationalist sometimes just don't realize they've offended you or put in an uncomfortable situation. Silence can be interpreted as anything: Yes, no, don't know, maybe, and you? The lack of response, of course, also not very nice from the point of view of ethics, but when you choose between scandal, tears and silence, it's a win-win. Probably the author of the question will wonder why you do not support the conversation.
Vague or joking.Here are a few answers that you can prepare in advance:
"How old are you?" - "I'm twenty years old and many, many, many months", "Like you, only smaller", "I'm always eighteen."
"You're seeing someone?" "Yes, with three girls at the same time" (suitable for men and women), "I'm too busy: I save the world."
"When are you getting married?" "Don't know white makes me look fat", "am still not yet", "I'm still a little married walk" "...and that you and your husband didn't say anything?".
"Why don't you have children?" "I like to sleep at night", "When I want to cuddle the baby, I go to the neighbors for half an hour", "why do you have three?".
"How much do you currently weigh?" "You don't raise", "About a hundredweight", "the plane stopped to let: does not take off from such gravity."
"What is the salary of your husband?" - "And yours?", "As President of a small country".
Answer the truth if the matter is serious. If the question is unpleasant to you, but a joke you can not answer, try to answer honestly. For example, it is impossible to postpone the talk concerning the health and the lives of your loved ones and you. Sometimes it is enough just to describe the situation without details and details: "You are not going to sign until the baby's born?" "No, we'll do that later, the baby could be happy for us." If your interest in this distant relatives, or unfamiliar people, can just say, "Why are you interested?", "What do I have to tell you about it?". Don't be afraid to show that you like this theme, don't be afraid to answer sharply. Your life is your own business, only you can control the presence of strangers.