Give the man more time. Whether it's a walk, a conversation or watching a movie. Listen to yourself: what you feel, what you see in these eyes opposite? If the internal confusion does not go away, and perhaps only growing, moved away from him.
Spend some time without a personal or human contact. Day two, week. As much as you need. Try to trace how often you think of him with warmth or indifference. Did you become interested in someone else, while he's not around. Touch to what you linked earlier: trips, common interests, history, photos, correspondence. Not worth it meticulously to look for something "catchy". If it is, you won't want to miss. You can also try to make lists FOR and AGAINST. Usually very few people go for it. But this method can not just write off.
Finally, after spending some time apart, you meet with the person. What emotions did you feel seeing him? The peace or the desire to cuddle, be close and never let go. If obvious signs of desire to be with him you do not feel, apparently, it's gone. Just let go and remember with a smile. If you on the contrary, only by seeing him, I wanted to jump into the arms, may you never did, then you affirmed the power and importance of your feelings. Live, love and be loved. But perhaps nothing has changed, and confusion are gone. In this case, if the person will be cooperative and wants to help you, just try to talk or give opportunities to help him find such a slim one for you.