Calculate everything correctly. For example, in the washing machine with a load of 4.5-5 kg is possible to wash as a thin synthetic blanket (regardless of size) and a half or double woolen blanket. If the product is thin and small, it can be folded as you like before washing. Large blankets it is recommended to twist a dense snail or neatly folded and then loaded into the drum.
To choose the right temperature and wash cycle. If synthetic blankets are not afraid of big water temperature and the method of extraction, wool and dense products need to be washed especially carefully. Recommended water temperature – 30oC. The number of revolutions of the spin is 400-500. If the washing machine provides a delicate wash cycle, it is advisable to choose him. So plaid made of wool will retain its softness, will not smell the washing means, and the machine will be easier to wring and rinse.
To choose the right detergent. Synthetic rugs can be washed in any detergent, which is suitable to your washing machine. Synthetics usually easily washed, good propulsives. Woolen blanket is also recommended to wash using liquid detergent for wool. For example, gel. Pour it should not as a compartment for powder or gel, directly on the blanket in the drum of the washing machine. First, it is better to wash out the stains. Secondly, it's easier to rinse the product.
Correctly pressing. Many owners of washing machines are worried about the state of its equipment, since the heavy spin and great plaid, it makes a lot of noise, and often vibrates. To avoid this, you must strictly follow the instructions on the technique for washing bulky stuff. First, when the wash program ends, the water must be drained. Second, pressing at minimum speed. To get the almost dry blanket, you will need a double or triple spin, but at high speeds. This will save the drum of the washing machine intact.
Properly faded. If the blanket is heavily soiled, we recommend that you clean out a particularly stubborn and difficult stains by hand and then load the product into the washing machine. First, it is more likely to actually wash the stains. Secondly, not every stain can be wash in the washing machine, some require physical effort for deliverance.