To wool products are not lost special, peculiar only to them qualities to wash and dry them very carefully. For light contamination, use a dry "wash". A cleaning solution that is applied to wool contains lanolin, dissolve in a small amount of water at a temperature of about 30 degrees C, creating a rich foam. To clean the blanket will need is foam, but not liquid. Do not RUB the dirt, as it were, "mimetite" it from the surface of the product.
If heavily soiled, a blanket will have to be washed. In a large bowl pour water at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees C and thoroughly dissolve it in liquid detergent for woolen clothes. Lower the blanket into the liquid a few times, rinse and repeat. Do not RUB or satirewire spot. At the end of washing, rinse the product under running warm water. Do not wring.
Dry the blanket on a horizontal surface at room temperature, away from radiators.
Not a blanket to stroke, so try it spread on a large surface. Periodically rastrakuta still wet product.
Please note, after washing the wool can give curls, this is a normal process that indicates the high quality blankets.
You can wash in the washing machine with cleaning products that contain lanolin. Select a program that is designed for wool. The spin cycle need to disconnect and rinse add conditioner.