Advice 1: How to wash furry plaid

Warm fluffy blanket – an indispensable attribute and the embodiment of comfort. It can be used as a blanket, but even better is to wrap myself in it when it is cold outside. But the blanket is not a blanket, it does not wear the duvet, therefore, if you use them, sooner or later the question arises how to clean or wash.
How to wash furry plaid

What are the blankets

The degree of fluffiness of the blanket, of course, depends on what material it is made. Acrylic blankets, even though they are fully synthetic, not just fluffy – they are soft, light, warm and very practical, durable and not afraid to ask, do not fade and long retain their original appearance. They are good for children's rooms, because it does not attract dust and does not cause allergies, in addition, they are easy to wash and dry.

Fluffy blankets made of pure wool, they are not only beautiful, but also can help you recover from a cold, because this natural material is able to accelerate blood circulation, relieve back pain and joints. The most "useful" for health - plaids of raw dyes and chemicals wool. Fluffy yarns, which are woven blankets, made from the wool of a camel, sheep or llamas. From the softest natural cashmere blankets, they do not cause allergies, but their price is quite high. You can buy a more cheap and practical fluffy blankets made of cashmere with synthetic fibers, by type and quality not inferior to natural.

Care for furry plaid

Rules care plaid you can see on its label. The easiest to care for acrylic blankets – they recommended gentle machine wash in warm water. Better when washing use a leave-in conditioner, then fluff after wash not to stick and plaid will remain the same fluffy.
If the blanket does not fit in the washing machine, soak it directly in the bath by adding cold water shampoo and vinegar.

Dear cashmere blankets and those made of natural wool, it is better not to wash, and dry-cleaned. You can clean a rug at home. To do this, first shake it to remove dust and hair, if this rug along with you have chosen and a cat. Pour 2 teaspoons of shampoo and 1 teaspoon of vinegar in 100 grams of warm water and beat well the mixture until a thick foam. Then evenly distribute it over the surface of the blanket with a soft clothes brush. After the foam is dry, vacuum the rug, using a special nozzle. Soak in water with vinegar soft clean cloth and wipe the surface of the rug, then brush it with a soft brush and repeat all manipulations, turning the blanket on the other side. Dry the blanket, spread on a horizontal surface.
Blankets from the camel wool, do not dry in direct sunlight, only in the shadows.

If you want to wash a wool blanket, this should be done in cold water with special detergent designed for washing wool products. Pressing the blanket after washing it is impossible, place it on the edge of the tub so that the water glass, and then spread out to dry on a horizontal surface.

Advice 2: How to wash wool blanket

For a pleasant and comfortable sleep should be adequate bedding, which is soft, warm and cozy blanket. With correct and proper care, its durability is unlimited. Many people ask: so how do you properly care for a wool blanket and if it's washable?
How to wash wool blanket
You will need
  • - borax,
  • - liquid soap,
  • - liquid dishwashing,
  • - washing detergent for wool,
  • - soft brush.
First, carefully read the instructions, which should be attached to the tag blankets and examine the recommendations. Because of this, you'll learn at what temperature it can be washed and whether it is possible. Some items from wool really should not be soaking. In another case, not difficult to wash it yourself at home, without resorting to dry cleaning.
If washing is allowed, then this should be done in the following manner: dissolve in warm water one tablespoon of borax and 1/4 litre of liquid soap. Soak in the composition of the blanket and leave for 6 hours. Then gently prosteride it into dirty areas and rinse twice in warm water and then cold to remove the foam. If the blanket is heavily soiled, can add when washing in the water a couple of tablespoons of turpentine, pre-mixed with a strong solution of soap, to make a kind of emulsion. Carefully propolene blanket hang to dry in a well ventilated place. Then you can iron it through a sheet with a warm iron (but not hot).
To launder wool blankets use soap flakes (grated soap). Add them to warm water at the rate of 5 g of flakes per liter of water, stir till the formation of abundant foam and lower the blanket. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and gently wash it, only rinse the blanket in clean and warm water. Press lightly, being careful not to twist it. It is recommended to dry a wool blanket, pre-wrapped in a sheet.
If your wool blanket was formed spots or streaks, then it is possible to dispense with washing. For this you will need liquid dishwashing detergent and an old, but soft toothbrush. The act should be especially careful not to damage blanket.
Washing machine, designed to load 5 kilograms, to cope with the Laundry blankets. For this procedure, use special powder suitable for washing woolen goods. Place the blanket in the machine and run it in the mode of delicate washing with a minimum number of revs and low temperature. Drying it as in the supine position, and hanging on several lines clotheslines. After drying it shake, so it will become again soft and fluffy.

Advice 3: How to clean rug

Unlike synthetic products, which can be washed using washing machine, wool rugs need to be cleaned manually, because they do not tolerate the high temperature and the procedure of extraction. For this there are proven popular recipes and recommendations.
How to clean rug
You will need
  • - lemon juice;
  • tea soda;
  • - soap flakes;
  • - lavender essential oil;
  • - essential oil of tea tree;
  • - lemon essential oil;
  • - eucalyptus essential oil;
  • water;
  • - hard brush;
  • - kitchen sponge;
  • - rubber gloves.
If your blanket has no visible dirt and stains, swipe dry cleaning. To do this, post it to the balcony (loggia) and emboss using a broom or special crackers. Then leave it for 2-3 hours in the fresh air. In winter plaid emboss on the street in the fresh snow. Then dry it in a well ventilated area.
For wet cleaning of a rug will fit perfectly a special tool, which you can cook by yourself. To do this, mix 2 cups of clean water 3 tablespoons of lemon juice. This means using a kitchen sponge to apply the product. After that, vacuum the rug and hang it on the loggia (balcony) until dry. Remember: carry out wet cleaning of the product should wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from harmful detergents.
No less effective means for cleaning the blanket is a soap solution. For its preparation mix 2 tablespoons of soap shavings, 1 liter of boiled water. Add the resulting solution of 1 teaspoon of baking soda, 5-10 drops essential oil of lavender and tea tree. This tool put on the plaid and clean with a stiff brush. Then remove the remnants by means of kitchen sponges, soaking it in clean water. For drying hang the blanket in a well-ventilated place (balcony, balcony).
As a cleanser you can use a solution of baking soda. For its preparation mix 3 tablespoons of baking soda, 1 liter of boiled water, 5-10 drops lemon essential oil, 5-10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil. Hard brush soak in the received preparation and clean blanket. Eucalyptus oil is excellent disinfectant any surface, and oil of lemon removes odours. After cleaning, the product will hang in a well ventilated place.

Advice 4: How to wash a large blanket

Washing of blanket, especially big enough at home — difficult but still doable task that can be solved with the help of improvised means. Just don't spoil the product. If you are not confident in their own abilities, and not worth the risk — better to go to the dry cleaners.
How to wash a large blanket
You will need
  • - special detergent;
  • - bathroom;
  • - balcony or special drying.
If you live in a private house, the Laundry plaid large size will not cause difficulties. For these purposes, you can simply place it on the fence or on any other convenient structure, thoroughly wet with water (for example, from a hose), be treated with special detergent without chlorine and other aggressive substances, then carefully brush and rinse. Leave until dry and vacuum if necessary as the water that you washed, may contain sand or other similar components.
With regard to housing conditions, things are more complicated here. There is hardly a more convenient place to wash large plaid than bathroom and, of course, itself a bath.
Fill the tub with warm water to about half and add a small amount of special tools for cleaning carpets (it washes much better than the various powders, shampoos, etc.). Mix well, then put the dirty blanket, which should be immersed in water, but freely it moved.
Leave the product for a couple of hours (to stay strong pollution), and then lightly RUB it, remember etc. If the result of such events, the water became too dirty, drain it, to recruit new clean water again and rinse the rug. If necessary, repeat this procedure several times. When rinsing it is recommended to use a special mouthwash or fabric conditioners.
Of course, wash the rug, like any blanket, very heavy, so it is unlikely that you will be able to get him out of the bathroom just slightly lift the appliance and tilt it into the far corner. Express plaid in this state until, until he will lose a lot of liquid.
Once the water from the blanket drain, gently roll it into a roll so as to obtain a letter "L" followed by the product in a horizontal position and wait another 10 minutes. This procedure will make the rug more soft and easy.
You can now place a clean blanket on the balcony or on special drying. In the first case, don't forget to attach clothespins.
Formed after washing the pilling on the blanket you will be able to remove using conventional brush-scratcher (you can buy it at any pet store), after which the blanket will be as good as new — soft, warm, silky and pleasant to the touch.
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