All linen sort by color, type of fabric and on the allowable wash temperature stated on the label.
White cotton underwear wash at a temperature of 60-90 degrees, and load the truck for maximum allowable rate specified by the manufacturer. All linen check for foreign objects, load in the machine, close the door. Compartment for powder sprinkle the powder for machine-machine, which is designed for washing white clothes. If you wash with liquid detergent, you can pour directly into the drum of the machine before loading or compartment for powder when you start the car. Fabric softener pour into the compartment for conditioning up to that mark. Set the desired temperature, the desired spin speed and press "start". The temperature mode can be set as indicated on the wash for the program or below.
All colored clothes wash separately on the program for colored clothes if there is a corresponding temperature. To wash colored underwear can be liquid or powder marked "color". If a color wash powder white linen, then it will quickly lose its original color.
Things made of wool and knitted items wash on a special program and liquid intended for washing clothes made of wool and cashmere.
Thin and silk underwear should be washed separately in a special program. Put only 2-3 things of fine linen. The program "drying" do not use. The spin is not put at all, or put the minimum. Use liquid detergent for delicate fabrics.
If when washing you don't use a special product that protects the washing machine, a drum and heating elements from scale, then once a month use a special descaler and operate the program without loads of Laundry. From the scale you can use citric acid, which is sold in packages in powder form. Go to sleep once a month 10 packets of citric acid and turn the program without loads of Laundry.