Caring for brushed plaid

The care of the textile usually depends on the composition of the material, so the first thing fleecy blanket should properly stored. It is undesirable to lay for a long time in plastic bags or special packaging cases, because they fiber blanket won't be able to get some fresh air and to breathe the air. It is best to place a blanket in Cabinet or cardboard box, shifting his bags of lavender or scented beads.

You should read the information on the label of plaid to understand, does it need to be cleaned in dry cleaning or can be washed in your own efforts.

You also need to monitor closely the pile of the rug – it should not roll into balls. If this has occurred, the introduced pellets can be carefully shaved off with a sharp razor or a special machine. Very carefully need to contact with the hooks and holes – they must not spread further. Daily cleaning a shag rug can be done using a clothes brush – this will help to significantly extend its service life and permanently preserve the original appearance of the product.

Washable fleecy plaid

For hand washing fleecy blanket will need a tub or a large basin, detergent for delicate or woollen fabrics linen and air conditioning. In container you need to pour warm water and add the amount of powder specified on the package. If the plaid is very dusty, it must first knock out on the street, after which the product is immersed for half an hour in soap solution. After this time the rug should be thoroughly rinsed under cold running water with softener, which will soften the fibre of his fabric.

On the packaging of powder must be marked that this detergent is allowed to use for delicate fabrics.

For automatic machine washing of a fleecy blanket a product should be put in the washing machine, pour the cleaning gel in the appropriate section and choose the "delicate wash" or "wool". Then the machine must be switch on and wait for the completion of the wash cycle. It should be remembered that the extraction should be not more than five hundred revolutions per minute – otherwise the blanket can shrink and stretch. However, if all the rules the product is washed easily gonna do, dried and again will please its owner a beautiful appearance and a soft fluffy pile.