Fleece fabric made of synthetic fibers (polyester is one hundred percent) and, like any synthetic, requires careful attitude. Enough washing at 60 degrees C, and a fleece thing can be considered lost forever.
Wash fleece in lukewarm water (recommended temperature of 30 degrees). This can be done manually, ordinary soap. If you soak things in water, the Laundry doesn't require much effort – contamination with fleece "moving away" very easily. You can wash fleece items in the washing machine on the gentle cycle for synthetic or delicate fabrics without pressing, using a gentle detergent or a special detergent (for example, Thanks to the Sport Tex Wash&clean or Nikwax Tech Wash).
Outerwear fleece (jackets, hoodies, overalls with water-repellent impregnation after washing can be rinsed in a special solution, restoring water-repellent properties of the fabric (for example, Nikwax Polar Proof).
After washing, things made of fleece can not squeeze or twist. Just allow to drain water and carefully straightened, hang on the rope for drying (clothes can be hung on a hanger) and dry at room temperature. Do not dry the fleece on the battery or in the washing machine: warm air is also detrimental to the tissue, and hot water. Don't be afraid that the drying time will be long: just washed things will dry in a matter of hours. Iron the fleece is impossible.