Advice 1: What you need for a newborn in the hospital

Charges in the hospital - always an exciting event, so all the necessary things for a newborn it is desirable to prepare in advance by putting them in a separate bag, standing at the ready.
What you need for a newborn in the hospital
Check what you will need for child care at the chosen hospital, and that e will have to prepare for the baby on the procedure statement, when you go home. Usually in a nursing home please bring it to the diapers, not the self-made diapers. Do not buy them in large quantities. When choosing diapers, should to consider the gender of the child, its weight, the reaction of the baby's skin to the material used to manufacture them. Start with small batches, we estimate the reaction of the baby. In the hospitalon a newborn usually wear two vests: thin and thick, a diaper, a bonnet, and then the child wrapped in diaper. Linen is changed every day, multiple times if necessary. In advanced maternity hospitals at the child immediately allowed to wear "adult" clothes: a t-shirt, Romper, diaper, bonnet, gloves. This kid can not swaddle. When it comes time to go home, more convenient to wear baby diapers and not a diaper gauze. Type of underwear for baby depends entirely on your views and the time of year. You can wear thin and warm undershirts or a t-shirt and a lightweight but warm jumpsuit. As a rule, first put on a vest, then a newborn wrapped in two diapers: thick and thin. On the child's head, it is preferable to wear a soft scarf, but you can cap (depending on weather).One of those important items that you need to take in the hospital in the cold time of the year is warm or light blanket (depending on weather). You can do without blankets, in this case over a lightweight Romper to wear warm jacket and pants, woolen socks. The baby is placed in an envelope easy or warm. Ensure that clothes and accessories for a child was less dressy, how convenient for him that he did not freeze and do not overheat, make sure to provide the baby maximum comfort. Don't forget, just in case,bring a pair of clean handkerchiefs or napkins.

Advice 2 : What documents are needed when postuplenii hospital

Every Russian citizen is entitled to free care in public hospitals. For this you need a passport and medical insurance. At the time of delivery, maternity hospitals must accept patients even documents on hand there, but in order to avoid many complications should prepare the necessary papers in advance.
What documents are needed when postuplenii hospital
You will need
  • - passport
  • - the policy of obligatory medical insurance
  • - exchange card
  • - birth certificate
  • - the passport and the results of your partner (if joint childbirth)
In a maternity hospital a pregnant woman to the direction issued by the doctor in the antenatal clinic where she is registered, and call an ambulance or get there yourself. Preferably at the time of birth to prepare the necessary documents to avoid any questions or difficulties during the placement.
The most important document is passport. If for some reason he is missing: he stole, is exchange or something else, you need to take the appropriate certificate at the passport office.
Another important document for admission to hospital is the policy of obligatory medical insurance. It is issued by any insurance organization when filing a claim. The policy required pregnant women are also at statement on the account in female consultation, so usually at the time of delivery it is already available. If a woman was not observed in the hospital during pregnancy, it is desirable to obtain in advance. The insurance organization first issued a temporary policy, which also acts in any hospital and clinic, and a month or two already available and the constant.
Every pregnant woman standing on the account in female consultation in the 3rd trimester is handed to the exchange map, which must also submit to a maternity hospital. This map consists of three parts - the first contains all information about pregnant: her personal data, the results of all the tests, ultrasound, different diseases, the conclusion of doctors. This is necessary in case of providing emergency assistance to a labouring woman. The second and the third part is filled in maternity hospital: in the second specify information about giving birth (antenatal), and the third recorded information about the baby (children's clinic). In the absence of exchange card pregnant woman are placed in the infectious diseases Department.
Another required document for admission to the hospital is the birth certificate that is a public support to pregnant women and provides prenatal care, and the implementation of childbirth at the expense of the state. It is issued after 30 weeks in the antenatal clinic - for this you also need to register. The certificate consists of 3 passes: one of them remains in the antenatal clinic, and the other two are in a nursing home, where filled with all the data and put the required stamps. The second card remains in the hospital, and the third is available in the clinic, where will be attached to the child.
In the case of joint delivery should also provide the hospital documents of the partner (husband, mother, sisters and other close relative): this is a passport and a certificate of the results of the tests, including tuberculosis, HIV, syphilis and other infectious diseases.
If a maternity home in advance was the agreement on a paid basis for the implementation of labor, this contract is also worth to take with you.
Carefully read the documents that give you to sign upon admission to the maternity ward, because some rules might not be legitimate. If you don't want your child vaccinated, it is time to voice and write failure.
Useful advice
It is advisable to bring a copy of your passport and of medical insurance, which are then given to the maternity hospital.
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