Check what you will need for child care at the chosen hospital, and that e will have to prepare for the baby on the procedure statement, when you go home. Usually in a nursing home please bring it to the diapers, not the self-made diapers. Do not buy them in large quantities. When choosing diapers, should to consider the gender of the child, its weight, the reaction of the baby's skin to the material used to manufacture them. Start with small batches, we estimate the reaction of the baby. In the hospitalon a newborn usually wear two vests: thin and thick, a diaper, a bonnet, and then the child wrapped in diaper. Linen is changed every day, multiple times if necessary. In advanced maternity hospitals at the child immediately allowed to wear "adult" clothes: a t-shirt, Romper, diaper, bonnet, gloves. This kid can not swaddle. When it comes time to go home, more convenient to wear baby diapers and not a diaper gauze. Type of underwear for baby depends entirely on your views and the time of year. You can wear thin and warm undershirts or a t-shirt and a lightweight but warm jumpsuit. As a rule, first put on a vest, then a newborn wrapped in two diapers: thick and thin. On the child's head, it is preferable to wear a soft scarf, but you can cap (depending on weather).One of those important items that you need to take in the hospital in the cold time of the year is warm or light blanket (depending on weather). You can do without blankets, in this case over a lightweight Romper to wear warm jacket and pants, woolen socks. The baby is placed in an envelope easy or warm. Ensure that clothes and accessories for a child was less dressy, how convenient for him that he did not freeze and do not overheat, make sure to provide the baby maximum comfort. Don't forget, just in case,bring a pair of clean handkerchiefs or napkins.