Hair weave allows you to change your appearance, to paint the gray hair appearing. To give the hair a new shade, use of special formulations. They often come in the form of tonics. Toning streaked strands allows you to:
- to remove yellowing that may appear when using the bleaching mixture;
- to give hair Shine;
- to change the image.


If you want to tinting the natural hair color does not disappear, it is necessary to take a 1.5% activator. If you stand the tool on hair the least amount of time, the dye will not be fixed in the structure of the hair. Therefore, be sure to follow the instructions that come with the paint or toner.

Many experts after dyeing is not recommended immediately to tonic. First, it is necessary that the color was fixed on the strands. Secondly, the use of brightening compounds, based on ammonia or hydrogen peroxide, breaks the hair structure. Most toning shampoos also contain harsh chemicals. Therefore, it is better for the first time after highlighting the use of toning means no sooner than two weeks.

How to avoid failures when toning highlighted hair?

It must be remembered that the coloration fits well only on healthy hair. So before applying it is to rebuild their structure with the help of balms and masks. Almost any chemical can cause allergies. To avoid this, is to apply it to the skin area behind the earlobe. In the next few hours if no response is apparent, then the tool can be used.

Please note, if after highlighting you have done on hair henna, toners do not hair dye. Specialists say that henna needs to be careful before highlights. Otherwise, you can get the color that will be very different from the desired.

Due to the fact that the toning of my hair washed away very quickly, it will have to be repeated regularly. It is desirable to use the same line or brand. In this case, you will protect your hair from unnecessary injury.

Thus, toning after highlighting allows the woman to acquire a new image. After the procedure hair look more voluminous and beautiful shimmer in the sun. But to achieve this result, you need to choose the right compositions, as well as all the procedures carried out in professional salons.