You will need
  • - conditioner;
  • - onion peel;
  • - vinegar 6%;
  • - juice of white grapes
If you have the opportunity to go to an expensive hairdresser, do this. Procedure, corrective highlighting, is not cheap, but look after it you will be at 100. A qualified technician gently lighten individual strands at the temples, the crown, the bangs, and will also produce lightening long locks of hair to the tips. A similar procedure is performed approximately every two weeks, depending on the condition of the hair.
Do not attempt to carry out the session yourself. First, it is very time consuming and tedious work. Second, only a professional knows in what proportion to mix the shades. Often, the artist combines several colors and calculates the concentration of the oxidizing agent for each client individually. Therefore, trying to personally clean the yellowness after the dyeing recipe of a friend, you only make it worse.
But shampooing with toning balm it is possible to exercise at home. For a beautiful platinum shade, we need to lighten the yellow of the hair after highlighting. And for that you need the tool is well proven brand. To get a clean cold or warm blonde tone, you should choose a balm, L'oréal, Schwarzkopf, Estel Professional, Matrix Solutionist So Silver and Concept. These brands have proven themselves as the best products for extermination of yellow with blonde hair.
It is safest to experiment with folk remedies. First, they are without significant intervention in the structure will help eliminate the discoloration of hair after highlighting. Second, at the same time nourish the hair with nutrients. In addition, to use honey or herbal teas not require special skills.
It is best to remove the yellowness after bleaching will help the onion skins, vinegar or grape juice. Cleaning with a bow it is necessary to boil before formation of a reddish liquid and cool. Then liberally soak with broth hair, insulate and leave for the night. Vinegar used as a rinse, which should be carried out regularly. Grape juice mixed with shampoo in half and wash part of the head. After all these procedures, you must do kefir mask and rinse hair with water with lemon juice.